Oral beauty is the new skincare – The Wom Beauty

PiTaking care of your smile has never been so cool.

Beauty is not only makeup and skin products, but also the attention we pay to our oral hygiene. Forget ordinary toothbrushes and ordinary mint toothpastes: today, the dental industry offers us a wide range of electric toothbrushes with elegant design and toothpastes or mouthwashes in attractive colors and come refined and innovative flavors.

Phenomenon of oral beauty

Just as healthy, glowing skin is a sign of health and well-being, oral hygiene is also an indicator a proper immune system. It’s not just about brushing your teeth twice a day (although that’s essential!), but about take a comprehensive and fun approach to our oral care. After all, the smile is our identity and having healthy, strong teeth can really make a big difference in the overall appearance of our face.

Empowerment also goes through the teeth

Having a healthy mouth is not only a matter of aesthetics, it is also a gesture of empowerment. When we take care of our teeth, we invest in ourselves. A healthy, bright smile can inspire confidence in others and boost our self-esteem. This is what the new oral beauty trend teaches us: Beauty doesn’t just come through makeup, it’s in the way we take care of our bodies.

A business between ancient technologies and techniques

The dental hygiene industry is experiencing a golden age, with products that go beyond just the toothbrush. Teeth whitening treatments, gum health serums and discreet braces are just a few of the options available for improvement the appearance and health of our teeth. In addition, the use of natural ingredients such as coconut oil for greaseproof paper or activated carbon for whiteningare gaining a lot of popularity, especially thanks to viral videos on social networks.

Oil pulling, the viral trend on TikTok

Not only makeup and skin care, they are going crazy on TikTok tips and tricks household appliances, to get whiter teeth and to fight bad breath. The most viral is “oil pulling”, an ancient Ayurvedic technique consisting of the final rinsing of the oral cavity with an oil. He is very popular on social media coconut oil, but sesame, olive oil or sunflower oil are also good. This natural remedy is a panacea to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, reduce bad breath and strengthen teeth.

How to oil pull?

Oil pulling is a technique that should be done in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Just fill a spoon with oil and rinse. Move it slowly from one side of your mouth to the other, like you’re doing ballet for about 15-20 minutes, before spitting it out. Once you’re done, wash it off hot water or with a solution consisting of water and bicarbonate.


Designed with a unique hybrid brush head of medical grade silicone and PBT polymer bristles, this dental wonder is bacteria and plaque resistant and up to 10,000 times more hygienic than traditional nylon bristle toothbrushes.


Selahatin – High on the beach
Four Seasons is the new collection from Selahatin, an aromatic anthology that narrates sensory experiences through the palate.
“High on the beach” toothpaste, ideal for those who miss the summer season, is formulated with grapefruit extract, cassia vera, cinnamon and mint.


vVARDIS White Enamel Anti-Aging Ritual
The kit for perfect dental hygiene. With a rejuvenating action, it strengthens, repairs, whitens and protects the teeth for a feeling of freshness and a healthy smile that lasts.


It protects your teeth and helps you to relieve the problem of tooth sensitivity


HiSMILE MANGO toothpaste
From the finest sweets to tongue-tickling flavors, exotic blasts straight from the tropics and tastes of fresh summer air, indulge your teeth with Hismile’s different flavored toothpastes.


A toothpaste with an activated charcoal gel texture. Spicy, fluoride-free and stain-removal, the toothpaste packaging is 100% recyclable.

ORALAE Gum strengthening gel
It promotes microcirculation and consequently the oxygenation of the gums. It tones and strengthens. The gel, combined with the periodic massage action, neutralizes the progressive recession of the gums.


Smilepen – Hylocare
Hyaluronic serum for the gums and skin of the oral cavity.


Diamond Smile – color corrector
It neutralizes discoloration on the teeth from the first application. Purple is the complementary color of yellow and therefore prevents tooth discoloration. By applying 317C serum to the teeth, yellow tones are neutralized. The serum is not only suitable for quick teeth whitening, but also improves and prolongs the whitening effect. In this way, the teeth remain white and shiny for longer and the yellowish color disappears.



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