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THEWe designed the kit to always be on top and outperform your peers just to help you have better days. Find out here.

For those who don’t do smartworking and for those who don’t do it much, the office is where we spend most hours of the day, surrounded by colleagues (not always pleasantly) and away from all the conveniences we have at hand when working from home.

There office beauty bag It’s not just a kit to do your makeup and always be tidy, but think of it more like the swiss army knife of Boy Scouts, because it can save you even in the worst of times.

The Foreo ISSA3 electric toothbrush

Brushing your teeth after lunch is a favor you do yourself and those around you, especially if you happen to have a less than light meal. Your colleagues and those around you – especially if you have a job in contact with the public – may not show you the same courtesy, but you will always be flawless and no one will have a complaint.

Marvis Sensitive Gums Gentle Mint toothpaste for sensitive gums

The perfect companion for your toothbrush and one of the best friends of fresh breath. The same goes for the toothbrush, especially if you have sensitive gums, you also know how important thorough oral hygiene is.

The moisturizing, illuminating and toning facial mist Teaology Peach Tea Spray

Closed environments with poor air circulation are a nightmare for the skin. This mist is formulated with antioxidant blue tea infusion, hyaluronic acid and natural prebiotics to balance the skin’s microbiome, neutralize free radicals responsible for cellular aging, protect skin from pollution and calm signs of redness and of inflammation: ideal for evaporation on the face. revitalizes and hydrates again.

The ghd Unplugged Pink Limited Edition bag styler

If you have unruly hair and you never know when the humidity will take over, or if you can’t stop at home before going to dinner, with this in your bag you can style your hair anywhere (remember to charge it the night before).

SVR Spirial Vegetal roll-on deodorant

It happens to the best (we want to give the benefit of the doubt and we think that’s why it often smells like…humanity in vehicles and in the office) and it doesn’t matter if you shower every day: when your armpit wants to cheat you, he does so with surprise. A quick swipe of deodorant will make you feel fresh and comfortable again.

The roll-on for relaxing rituals The Ritual of Jing Sleep Serum

Use this roller to massage your temples and wrists: it combines the calming effects of sacred wood with lavender to help relieve stress during stressful times.

Palo santo fragrance: Carlotta Ray Palo Santo & Patchouli Vert

Palo santo has the power to ward off negative energies, but we know that fires can’t be lit in offices, so we need an alternative way to cleanse ourselves and the environment around us of a little negativity: vaporize a little aroma every time you hear them approaching.

Millefiori Milano Moveo à-porter air freshener

You won’t be able to perfume the whole office, but at least the air around you will always smell nice (in case you forgot, re-read the previous points) and your office will definitely be a pleasant place to work.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Setting Powder loose powder

You’re probably thinking that loose powder isn’t the most practical form to carry, and you’re probably not entirely wrong, but it does help to dab away excess sebum, fix your makeup after retouching, and finally, even though I always hope it doesn’t you need, save your clothes when you need to dab any stains.

The compact foundation ASTRA Make-up Compact Foundation Balm 3-1n-1

A formula with 91% ingredients of natural origin for this solid conditioner with a gelling system of vegetable origin, thanks to which the texture is creamy and highly adhesive, as well as a guaranteed homogeneous release of pigmentation. The natural resin inside ensures durability and moisture resistance, while the cellulose powder gives a smooth and soft focus finish. Apple seed oil acts as an emollient preventing excessive moisture loss through the skin.

A multitasking product Kiko Milano Create Your Balance Soft Touch Lip&Cheek

A lip and cheek product to be applied and blended with your fingers, with emollient and moisturizing properties, perfect for touching up your make-up at any time and staying sun-kissed all year round.

The espressOh bOhlmy moisturizing and nourishing gloss

Why settle for lip balm when you can have a gloss that leaves lips soft and juicy that nourishes and hydrates? And to quote Nicki Minaj “who wants to look plain when you can look amazing?”. Yes, even at work.

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