New Year’s Eve in Iceland 2024: what to do absolutely

To end the past year on a high note and start well what is about to begin you can do so many things.

Younger people usually party until dawn, families dine together until midnight and, for young couples or groups of friends, a new idea is always sought. Maybe a trip abroad.

One of the most interesting and popular destinations to spend an alternative and certainly not banal party is there‘Iceland.

Here are some possibilities to spend a Unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Iceland.

New Year’s traditions in Iceland

When going abroad for a holiday, the first thing you should do is find out what traditions are associated with that particular day in the state you’re visiting.

Spending New Year’s Eve like perfect Icelanders could actually be enjoyable and interesting.

Plus, it could go down in the annals of memories, don’t you already see yourself saying to your kids, “Remember when we spent New Year’s like perfect Icelanders?”

The tradition of this state dictates that you have dinner around 19:00 with your family – or, if you are tourists, with whoever accompanied you on your holiday – between 20:00 and 21:00 you move around the biggest fire near the house – on December 31 there are enough on several streets of the city – to greet the neighbors and then go home by 22.30.

At that time, in fact, the usual television comedy show that every Icelander watches on New Year’s Eve starts before returning to the streets around midnight.

In fact, the arrival of the new year is expected on the streets of the cities, going from one pub to another and toasting in different places.


What to see in Reykjavik: the best sights and things to do

The capital is certainly one of the most popular destinations for tourists choosing to spend New Year’s Eve in Iceland.

Besides the traditional dinners and bonfires, this city is famous for one reason above all: on New Year’s Eve, in fact, Reykjavík’s sky is colored with hundreds of shades of fireworks. At midnight, i.e. the beginning of the new year, every house, street or place lights up with fireworks.

It’s not the greatest safety, since fires are shot almost everywhere and by anyone, but the effect is priceless.

There are numerous vantage points from which to watch the firework display: Ægisída, which is also home to one of the city’s biggest bonfires; around the Pearl in Öskjuhlíd or even near the Harpa amphitheater or near the sculpture Sólfarid (“the traveler of the sun”), all heights that allow you to have a privileged and exclusive view of the city’s colorful and bright sky.

Northern lights
Northern lights

Anyone who leaves for Iceland during the New Year period cannot fail to look for the Northern Lights. It is a unique show in the world, to be seen at least once in a lifetime and to be able to do it right between the last night of an ending year and the first lights of a new year that is about to begin. it must have something special, absolutely magical.

Not far from the East Rangà River and Iceland’s main airport, but far enough from the city lights to stop you from admiring the colors of the Northern Lights at their best, is the Ranga Hotel.

A wooden structure in the style of a hut in which the bar has a large terrace from which you can watch the spectacle of the dawn, drinking Brennivìn, the local grappa. If the temperatures are particularly cold on New Year’s Eve, no problem: the hotel is equipped with an indoor observatory.

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