New Year in the heat? Your destination is Mauritius: here’s why

A paradise with white beaches, turquoise sea and unspoiled nature.

The island of Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands archipelago and is located approximately 1,100 km from Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Its long beaches with fine sand and sapphire waters will make you live a dream. Those not content to stay and contemplate the skyline, however, can explore the island’s interior with mountain climbs, excursions to forests, botanical gardens and colonial houses, or dives into fantastic underwater worlds, snorkelling and boat trips between on enchanting islands.

Even if you’ve decided to spend your vacation at one of the many luxury resorts, set aside a few adventure days to discover the wonders of the island.

New Year’s Eve can be the perfect opportunity for a trip to Mauritius, an escape to a tropical paradise in the middle of winter.

Climate: why go to Mauritius in December


Mauritius has a tropical climate with occasional rainfall and rather moderate temperatures throughout the year.

The island is in the southern hemisphere, so the summer and winter seasons are reversed compared to Europe. Therefore, the best times to visit the island are between April and June and between September and December.

In summer, from November to April, the climate is hot and humid and rainfall is abundant. However, this is the best time for diving and deep sea fishing, especially the period from late December to early January.

Average temperatures are around 30°C, sea temperatures reach a maximum of 27°C. Therefore, December is the ideal month for those who want to spend New Year’s Eve in the heat and by the sea.

In winter, however, from May to October, the temperature is cooler and the winds stronger, perfect for surfing. The minimum temperature is recorded in August (20 °C on the coast).


New Year Mauritius
New Year’s Eve in Mauritius

Mauritius is an archipelago with a multi-ethnic character due to its history and is today a melting pot of different cultures, religions and traditions.

Hinduism is the dominant religion, but there are also Christian and Muslim minorities. Therefore, those who go to Mauritius in December can celebrate Christmas according to the Catholic tradition if they wish.

In the resorts and hotels of the various islands you can also celebrate the New Year in Western style with dinners, music and dancing. Much more interesting, however, is the so-called Teemeedee.

It is an evocative Hindu and Tamil ritual that consists of walking on burning coals to celebrate the power of the gods and one’s courage before them. Teemeedee is celebrated throughout the year, but especially between December and January.

The ritual involves several weeks of spiritual preparation. The day of the festival unfolds between preliminaries of purification, such as bathing in the waters of the river, and preparatory ones, including dancing in front of the temple. In this state of alienation from the earthly world, believers prepare to face the course over hot coals.

How to get to Mauritius

From Italy you can reach Mauritius with flights of European companies, the national airline Air Mauritius or with Arab companies that stop in Dubai, Oman or Qatar.

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