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Tall the coolest colors for your fall manicures!

If summer, with all its nuances, affects the colors we wear, use and apply on our face and nails, when autumn finally starts knocking on the doors, with its typical warm and soft hues, it inevitably changes the color palette that we will make our own all season. And, since it’s time to give your manicure a new lease of life, how about getting on the fall shade train and getting inspired by our pick for this season? Come classic burgundy and rust, to wine, green and orange, discover all the modern colors with us fail.


In the list of the most favorite colors for autumn, brown ranks without a doubt at the top of the podium: the nail polishes of the autumn manicure are therefore colored with colors reminiscent of browns, creams, chestnuts and hazelnutsin a riot of shades deep, sweet and intense like the juiciest dark chocolate.

It will be hard not to give in to the urge to put not one, but many (too many) variations of brown nail polish in your basket: from the darkest ones to those that focus on medium and light tones, for every occasion.


Beige is one of those shades that continues to exert its charm from summer to autumn: if from June to August we were accompanied by shades of sand, now that the cold season has arrived, we will continue our journey in the company of this shade, was slightly revised to make us go from a tropical beach to a day at home in comfy clothes sipping a hot cappuccino. The saturation of beige nail polishes therefore increases and the shade becomes more charged, intense and cold.


Burgundy is a nail art classic: synonymous with elegance and finesse, with its touch daring irresistible, it is able to highlight any manicure thanks to it alone dark charm but still aristocratic. Indeed, if in summer and spring we tend to prefer a brighter shade of red (from coral red to cherry red without forgetting fiery red), in autumn preferences turn towards darker and deeper colorwhich adapts to the shades of autumn and the coming season.


Green also has its place on the list of perfect colors for autumn: all the shades that remind forests, trees, undergrowth and fallen leaves allowed: from green emerald in bottle green, in pine to malachite.


Orange like falling leaves, orange like oranges, tangerines and clementines and orange like…pumpkins! Autumn, as we know, is very reminiscent of the color orange – in all its shades – and, no less, it is considered the color associated with the scariest holidays (and waiting) as always: Carnival.

In the monochrome version, it always cuts a flawless silhouette, but, as October 31 approaches, why not choose a manicure with some decoration or design in the shape pumpkin on the subject?

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The equivalent of spring-summer’s sensational purple? Obviously the color of wine, a great fall classic. Considered one of the shades most associated with this season in the popular imagination, this color it is the darker and more muted relative of purple, reminiscent of all those shades of wine, grapes, eggplants and plums. In addition, thanks to its high intensity, it is the perfect nail polish to highlight the skin of the hands, which after the summer begins to lose its bronze color, becoming more transparent, in a wonderful light-dark contrast.


If you are a fan of greenish shades, but you are not a fan of very bright greens on your hands, the right choice for you is khaki – and all its subgroups. With a military-chic appeal, the musky and olive colors are ideal if your tastes run that way soft, milky and desaturated shades, reminiscent of grass and swampsin perfect autumn spirit!


From bright orange, to burnt orange, for one sophisticated manicure, ideal for all autumn.

If you too have succumbedorange mania September and October, but you are looking for a softer and more delicate shade of orange, suitable for everyday life and can be combined with any beauty and outfit without restrictions, the color of rust is the one for you.

Leaning towards copper, it is an elegant and sophisticated shade with warm notes of red and matte orange, ideal for appearances per day And the night without ever looking too bright.

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