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With the expression Media training we refer to the educational and teaching activity aimed at making younger people understand how to use i new means of communication. Correct use not only allows children and young people to make the most of available communication tools, but also promotes better quality media, which aims for a more constructive approach.

In the Uppa column dedicated to Media Educationexperts and specialists, delve into how to introduce children to new digital tools and how to best manage computers, tablets and smartphones with young children.

Parental control: what it’s for and why it’s so important

Cosimo Di Barieducator

Both online and offline, the parent should not “supervise” but observe what the child is doing. The best form of parental control is actually to accompany the little one in critical moments, making him gain confidence and making him responsible while using the devices

Minors and the Internet: what risks?

Anna Rita Longocommunication scientist

little girl lying on the ground using a smartphone

The Internet and social networks are an integral part of children’s and young people’s lives and can prove to be powerful tools. It is important, however, to be immediately informed about their critical and conscious use and to monitor the online activity of minors, who are always exposed to potential risks.

Children and smartphones: never before the age of 3

Vincenzo Callapediatrician and founder of Uppa

Child sitting on the couch using a smartphone

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are widespread everywhere and it is important to be careful how children use them. Interview with the teacher Paola Cosolo Marangon

Technology user guide: from 6 to 12 years old

Daniele Novaraeducator

Little girl lying on sofa holding remote control

We try to know the interests and tastes of our children and accompany them in the discovery of creativity and the possibilities that technology can offer, establishing some rules

Guide to using technology for ages 0 to 6

Daniele Novaraeducator

Small child in front of a smartphone

Respect for life’s transitions is important. Here are some actionable pointers for dealing with the challenges digital technology poses for younger children

Technology without limits: the iPad porta potty

Tiziana Cherubingraphic designer and atelier

A product created with the desire to simplify the lives of parents by helping them keep their children in the jar, but which risks becoming an annihilation station for the little ones

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