Luxury and design, the perfect second home exists and is located on Long Island

Amagansett is a charming and exclusive location located on the east side of Long Island, New York. Known for its stunning beaches, designer architecture, and vibrant arts and culture scene, it has been a sought-after summer resort for decades and has earned a reputation as a luxury lifestyle destination on the US East Coast.

In this context we find Devon Road, a beautiful home characterized by a luxurious fusion of modern design and natural harmony. Designed by the Starling Architecture team and with interiors decorated by Emily Lindberg Design, this minimalist retreat it is a perfect example of innovation and aesthetic refinement.

The first thing that catches our attention is the facade which boasts an artistic technique called ‘gendai shou shugi ban’. Japanese technique involving a meticulous wood carbonization process to get a characteristic charred look.

The charred wood on the facade finds its counterpoint inside, where a welcoming atmosphere awaits us. Here, laminated Douglas fir beams take center stage, radiating warmth and character. Elegantly complemented by white oak floors, furniture and trim, the interior creates a harmonious connection with the outside worldinviting residents and visitors to embrace a lifestyle deeply intertwined with their environment.

The swimming pool structures the rest of the spaces

In the center of the house we find the swimming pool, raised on a platform that acts as the core of the common areas. Wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows, these spaces are intentionally open embrace the tranquility of this watery spacepromoting an uninterrupted visual and emotional connection between the interior and the exterior.

Other features include the double-height living room on the west side of the pool, while the dining room to the north features a large sliding door that elegantly disappears into a niche in the wall, seamlessly blending indoors and outdoors. East, a cozy corner is dedicated to a library and workspace, allowing contemplation and productivity to coexist in perfect harmony. The overall design philosophy ensures an uninterrupted dialogue with the surrounding natural world.

Emily Lindberg Design took on the responsibility of ensuring the perfect continuity between architectural minimalism and interior comfort. Each piece of furniture has been carefully selected to instill a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for weekends away. Custom-designed elements, such as the playful corners of the kitchen and dining island, add a touch of whimsy to the understated elegance.

The design narrative continues, weaving an architectural palette with curated vintage elements, organic textures and handcrafted treasures. Decorated with modern touches, this eclectic mix steals the eye and wraps every corner in a blanket of warmth and visual interest. The spatial arrangement is a symphony of panorama, carefully framing both the house and the landscape.

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