Long weekends and holidays in 2024: Calendar and dates of holidays and public holidays

Qwhere are the Weekends and holidays in 2024? Calendar in hand, let’s see what holidays are next year and what opportunities there are to vacation and go on vacation.

Long weekends 2024: Calendar and non-working holidays

Public holiday Calendar dates How many days vacation?
Epiphany 2024 Saturday January 6, 2024 2 days
Carnival 2024 Tuesday, February 13, 2024 1 day
Easter and Easter Monday Sunday and Monday March 31 and April 1, 2024 Three days
independence Day Thursday, April 25, 2024 4 days
Workers’ Day Wednesday, May 1, 2024 5 day
Republic Day Sunday, June 2, 2024 1 day
Saints Peter and Paul (Rome) Saturday, June 29, 2024 2 days
Mid August 2024 Thursday, August 15, 2024 4 days
Saints Day Friday, November 1, 2024 Three days
Immaculate Conception Sunday, December 8, 2024 1 day
Christmas and Boxing Day Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 December 2024 5 days
New Year 2025 Wednesday, January 1, 2025 1 day
Epiphany 2025 Monday, January 6, 2025 Three days

2024 long weekends, holidays and public holidays

Bridges 2024

When Is Easter 2024? What are the red days on the calendar? We will tell you right away, the 2024 will have fewer strategic bridges than last year, but the spring long weekends will be a great opportunity for a (long) break from school and work.

2024 opens with the Befana long weekend which unfortunately will fall on a Saturday, unlike last year we won’t have the long weekend to extend the Christmas break and give ourselves the first holiday weekend of the new year.

After Easter weekendwhich this year falls on March 31, we turn our attention to the most interesting period for a combination of holidays and holidays: April 25 falls on a Thursday while May 1, 2024 falls on a Wednesday, if you have the possibility with 3 days of vacation you can enjoy 7 days of vacation (even with 5 vacation days including May 2 and 3, you can travel until May 5 for a total of 11 vacation days.

Weekends and holidays 2024: the complete calendar

Bridges 2024, The 2024 Holiday Calendar

January 1, 2024 – Monday
Epiphany 2024 – January 6, 2024 – Saturday
Carnival 2024 – Little Tuesday – February 13, 2024
Easter 2024 – Sunday (March 31)
Easter Monday 2024 – Monday (April 1)
April 25, 2024 – Thursday – Liberation Day
May 1, 2024 – Wednesday – Labor Day
June 2, 2024 – Sunday – Republic Day
Saints Peter and Paul (Rome) – June 29, 2024 – Saturday
August 15, 2024 – Thursday
November 1, 2024 – Friday
Sant’Ambrogio (Milan) – December 7, 2024 – Saturday
December 8, 2024 – Sunday
December 25, 2024 – Wednesday
December 26, 2024 – Thursday
December 31, 2024 – Tuesday
January 1, 2025 – Wednesday

We’ve created a guide to public holidays and long weekends in 2024 to plan long weekends and upcoming holidays.

On Pinterest you can find it calendar 2024 with all the holidays for download (here is the link).

Holiday Calendar 2024

Bridges 2024
Holidays 2024

What are the public holidays in 2024? The January 6, 2024 will fall on a Saturday, there won’t be a long weekend to plan.

Easter 2024 will fall low: the date is set for March 31, 2024. We will have to wait until April 25th for another long weekend: April 25 will be the first really long weekend of 2024. A great opportunity to enjoy a weekend in Italy or Europe and extend your vacation until May 1, 2024.

June 2 will fall on a Sunday while August 15, 2024 will be a Thursday.

Then we move on to November 1st, the second chance to enjoy a holiday: November 1st will fall on a Friday.

Unfortunately, December 8 will be a Sunday, while Christmas and Boxing Day will fall on a Wednesday and Thursday in 2024.

Public holidays and bank holidays 2024

How many vacations should you take to get the most out of it? bridges 2024?

It won’t take many days because there will be few moments for vacations.

Those looking to enjoy a major spring break will be able to Three days of vacation to be extended to May 1st and have a week off or take 5 days vacation and take a long vacation from April 25 to May 5, 2024.

Then we move on to August 15th, with one day off you will be on vacation for 4 days. At Christmas you can extend your holiday by taking 3 days off and enjoying 8 days holiday until 1 January 2025.

The video with the perfect destinations for three-day trips

The holidays were canceled in 2024

  • Tuesday, March 19, 2024 – Saint Joseph
  • Monday, May 13, 2024 – Ascension
  • Monday, June 3, 2024 – Corpus Domini
  • Monday, November 4, 2024 – National Unity Day
Rocca Calascio Gran Sasso National Park
Weekends and holidays 2024

When to go on vacation? As we have already predicted, the Bridges of 2024 will not be as generous as last year.

If you want to take advantage of the red days of the Calendar, the useful opportunity is spring when you can go out in Italy or why not choose one of the cheap destinations of the year.

Bridges School 2024

After Epiphany weekend, what are the next holidays for students?

When is the time to go on vacation with your family? In some regions, schools are closed during Carnival celebrations, such as in Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Basilicata.

The school calendar list of holidays and closed for 2024

  • clear third
  • Easter and Easter Monday 2024
  • independence Day
  • Workers’ Day
  • Republic Day
  • Saints Day
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Christmas and New Year holidays
Santo Stefano di Sessanio
Holidays 2024

Bank Holidays 2024 (Midweek)

  • Monday, Easter Monday, April 1, 2024
  • Thursday, Liberation Day, April 25, 2024
  • Monday, May Day, May 1, 2024
  • Wednesday, Republic Day, June 2, 2024
  • Thursday, August 15, August 15, 2024
  • Friday, All Saints’ Day, November 1, 2024
  • Wednesday, Christmas Day, December 25, 2024
  • Thursday, Boxing Day, 26 December 2024
Long weekends and holidays 2024
Patronal holidays 2024

Patronal celebrations 2024: dates for cities, capitals and regions

Patronal feast City Area Date
Saints Peter and Paul Rome Lazio June 29
Saint Ambrose Milan Lombardy December 7
Saint Agatha Catania Sicily February 3-5
Saint Gennaro Naples Campaign September 19
Saint Rosalia Palermo Sicily July 15
Saint Nicholas Barry Sequins December 6
Saint John the Baptist Florence Tuscany June 24
Sant’Antonio Padua Veneto June 13
Saint Mark the Evangelist Venice Veneto April 25
Healthy rose Viterbo Lazio September 3

Where to go for Befana? All over Italy there are many events dedicated to the nice old lady. There will be no bridge, January 6th falls on a Saturday.

When is Carnival 2024? Shrove Tuesday 2024 falls on February 13, 2024.

How is the Carnival date calculated? Carnival begins immediately after Epiphany and is calculated based on the date of Easter: it ends with the beginning of Lent (forty days before Easter): simply subtract 5 weeks from the date of Easter to get the exact day of Carnival 2024 .

Carnival celebrations in 2024 will take place in the weeks from to February 13, the day of Shrove Tuesday which closes all festivities and opens at the beginning of Lent.

Carnival dates 2024

Where to go on Easter?

Easter 2024 will fall low: the date is set for March 31, 2024.

How is Easter calculated? The holiday is calculated based on two events: the vernal equinox and the phases of the moon.

Beginning at the vernal equinox, Easter falls on the Sunday following the first full moon of spring. Where to go? Here you will find a list of holiday destinations.

Walks, out-of-town trips, dream gardens and special tours: the must-do activities Easter Monday are many.

You can take advantage of a long weekend to plan a weekend in Italy or Europe.

The April 25th will fall on a Thursdaythis year we will have the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend to organize an escape or holiday abroad.

Where to go? In this article we have collected the best destinations in Italy for April 25, while here you will find the guide to where to go in Europe. Beach vacation? Here are some destinations worth a trip.

Villages May
May 1, 2024

The first of May will fall on a Wednesday, so with a few days off you can enjoy a spring break. Where to go? On the beach for example or to discover the most fascinating small towns of the peninsula.

Unfortunately in 2024 June 2nd will fall on a Sunday, there will be no opportunity to escape to the sea or the mountains

On Thursday, August 15, 2024, you can extend your weekend with a day off

The arrival of autumn gives us another bridge to go on holiday: November 1st falls on a Friday and there are many things to do both in Italy and in Europe.

December 8th will fall on a Sunday, there will be no bridge to exploit

December 24th will fall on a Wednesday. With 3 days off you can stay on holiday until January 1st (and enjoy 8 days off).

The first day of the year 2025 will fall on a Wednesday.

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