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largeLaser hair removal is the treatment par excellence that allows us to permanently get rid of unwanted hair: see how it works, where it is done and the cost.

Have you been anxiously waiting through the winter to finally get laser hair removal? If, after surviving another summer of slavery to razor blades, waxes and electric epilators, you’ve decided you want to get rid of the worry once and for all, or if you have hair in areas that make you uncomfortable and you feel the need make it disappear for good, Hair laser is probably one of those treatments worth investing in.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a metric procedure consisting of a high-frequency light beam that produces heat that hits the hair bulb, slowing or inhibiting hair growth. The ones used are machines that produce different types of lasers and give results that can often be defined as definitive, but can only be handled by a doctor.

Is laser hair removal effective?

Laser hair removal works perfectly on light and dark hair, which is also one of the reasons why people do not undergo laser hair removal sessions in the summer months: the greater the contrast between skin color and hair color, the more satisfactory the results that can be achieved. There are excellent results even on darker phototypes thanks to some last generation laser, but currently nothing can be done on white, blonde and red hair.

If you then want to evaluate the effectiveness of the method based on duration, accuracy and consistency in the attack phase is crucial – translation: one session every 4, 6 or 8 weeks, depending on the mechanism used and the evaluation of doctor – plus one or two annual sessions to maintain results. Some lasers even promise permanent results without the need for touch-ups.

Laser hair removal: the cost

The cost of the treatment – which is the most expensive hair removal method of all – is affected by several factors, let’s see them together. The first is the cost of labor and that of a doctor is clearly higher than that of a beautician. the second factor is the extent of the area you want to treat, whether it is small – for example the bumps, mid – groin and armpits, or large, such as the hands and feet. Then there is the depreciation cost of the machinery used and often also the place or town where the processing takes place. You can spend around 80 euros for smaller areas up to 600 for larger ones. Obviously these prices are always approximate, so it’s always best to get a quote and have an accurate idea of ​​the investment required.

Is laser for everyone?

The cognitive session with the doctor it is important to assess whether you are suitable for laser hair removal and the big exclusions are those suffering from vitiligo or psoriasis, those undergoing hormone replacement therapies, taking corticosteroid drugs, immunosuppressants or photosensitizers as in the case of acne treatments. Patients with hirsutism problems due to hormonal causes also cannot be treated.

If you don’t belong to these categories, the pre- and post-treatment phase is quite simple: no hair removal methods in the previous two months, but shaving with a razor a few days before and after SPF and sun avoidance.

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