Lake Misurina: how to get there and what to do in the pearl of Cadore

The Lake Missouri is a natural alpine lake located in Veneto and, specifically, in its municipal area Auronzo di Cadorein the province of Belluno.

It is the largest of its lakes Cadore area – the geographical area between Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, embraced by the Dolomites – and is considered one of the region’s main tourist destinations, all year round.

The mountains and the lake, in fact, especially in recent years, are no longer only the sought-after destinations for ski holidays and the usual ski week, but are becoming increasingly perfect place to relax for long or short getaways even in periods that are not strictly winter.


Why choose Lake Misurina?

Lake Misurina, in particular, is universally recognized – and rightfully so – as a place to retreat to if you want close contact with the green.

The area surrounding it is even considered an “oasis of good breathing”, as the air quality is excellent and even beneficial.

It even seems that the microclimate of this location can be a panacea for those suffering from respiratory diseases.

What to do at the lake

Lake Misurina: what to do and how to get there
Lake Missouri

Around Lake Misurina it is also possible to practice various sports, but above all many excursions, also suitable for non-expert tourists.

The most famous of the gentle walks to enjoy is actually the one that goes around the lake.

It is a route that crosses the forest and some water bodies, it is not particularly difficult and along the path there are several recreation areas where you can stop.

The three peaks of Lavaredo

Three peaks of Lavarento
Three peaks of Lavarento

However, if you’re a hiker and heights don’t scare you, the tour you should do is the one that leads to the three peaks of Lavaredo. It is a true symbol of the Dolomites, a very short distance from Lake Misurina.

The path is impenetrable and unpaved and is not recommended unless accompanied by a qualified guide. Once you reach the top, though, the view is priceless!

Curiosities and legends

Measuring tape
Lake Missouri

The name of the lake comes from the expression “meso ai rin” which can literally be translated into Italian as “in the middle of the streams”, as it was once believed, wrongly, that the Piave and the Adige were born from Lake Misurina.

Some legends are also associated with this lake: the most famous one says that the fairy of Mount Cristallo gave the lake to the daughter of King Sorapiss named Misurina.

The princess, in fact, wanted a magic mirror and was given a gift of the waters of the lake to use to reflect herself.

This gift, however, was granted to her only on one condition, and that was to transform her father into a mountain: hence one of the mountain ranges surrounding Lake Misurina is named Sorapis.

An alternative and slightly sadder version of this same legend is also told in the song “Il Lago di Misurina” by Claudio Baglioni, a song contained on the album Sabato afternoon.

How to get

From the A27 Venezia/Belluno motorway, take the Pian di Vedoia exit and follow Strada Statale 51. Once you pass Longarone and the Cadore bridge, follow the signs for Auronzo-Comelico (SS 51bis).

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