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Aerospace, Logistics, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology: three fast growing sectors, within which Higher Technical Institute for Transport Chain and Intermodal Logistics rejects its technological field of reference: Sustainable Mobility. With its roots in Lombardy, ITS is based in two provinces full of potential and demand for increasingly specialized technical skills: Varesealso known as the province with feathersAnd Milan, the financial capital of Italy. Two elements are at the heart of the education offer: see school student, for a proposal that always meets his ambitions and that accompanies him in his human and professional development. and companiesbecause the quality of the routes depends largely on the ability to respond to a real need of the reference market.

The first ITS routes were created in Somma Lombardo, near Malpensa Airport. Aspiring aeronautical technicians are trained here and can choose from the following pathways: Senior Aircraft Maintenance Technician (cat. B1.1 easa part 66 and cat. B1.3), Senior design and assembly technician in aeronautical structuresand and Senior Fixed Wing Aircraft Assembly Technician.

Logistics routes are developing in response to increasing attention to environmental and social aspects. For companies, it has become fundamental that opportunities for economic development, social progress and environmental protection go hand in hand, promoting sustainable solutions, both for technological innovation and management issues, with the revision of logistics and transport. For this reason, in Milan and Somma Lombardo, the Foundation offers the following routes: Senior technician for sustainable logistics (Somma Lombardo headquarters) e Senior technician for intermodal and sustainable logistics (headquarters of Milan).

The other paths revolve around the two previous sectors, providing basic professional elements, so that the movement of goods, the efficiency of production plants, the increasingly massive presence of new and more developed technologies, are guaranteed by a professionalism able to align with requests of industry 4.0, integrating knowledge related to automation, IoT, big data analysis and industrial robotics: Senior technician for the maintenance of systems with high automation content (Milan office) e Senior Mechatronics Technician for Engineering and Aerospace Industry 4.0 (headquarters of Somma Lombardo).

Finally, in Milan, the news for 2022: Senior railway vehicle management and preparation technician (European driving license, supplementary certificate a1/a4/b, pdt).

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