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docolorful, metallic and super shiny: Chrome Nails are the common denominator of 2023 when it comes to nail art and they are all – without exception – to love

There’s no doubt: 2023 is the year of nail art. But not a nail art among many, but a manicure based on unbridled creativity in perfect harmony with the big iridescent trends popular on social networks like TikTok and Instagram. From Hailey Bieber’s ever-popular Glazed Donut Nails, which mimic the effect of glaze on freshly baked donuts, to Uruuru Nails, iridescent and iridescent nails inspired by the Nordic Northern Lights and the colors of soap bubbles, to Mermaid Nails, which mimic the sparkles and reflections of the sea and the abyss to Galaxy Nails, straight from space and its sparkles. But the mother of all trends, which has remained at the top of the charts without ever losing ground, is the biggest and widest: Chrome Nails, nails withColorful chrome effect, halfway between metallic and mirror effect, created with special powder to be applied over your favorite nail polish color.

The particularity – and strong point – of this trend lies precisely in its versatility: one effect, a thousand colors. In fact, Chrome Nails now come in all types and variations, a starting with the most delicate, to neutral, white, milky bases (like Vanilla Chrome nails) and pink/nude, for those with sorbet and pastel colors, like Baby Blue Chrome Nails or Lilac Chrome Nailswhich also range from shades of pistachio green, canary yellow, peach and baby pink, to more daring and alive.

In the summer we saw them then show off in all its shades sea (light blue, blue, indigo, aqua green) but also in those colors that immediately return for summer and become part of our common imagination as summer colors, i.e. yellow, orange, red, coral and so on.

But the alternatives certainly don’t end here: even “basic” shades like blackTHE coffee and beige they are colored with interesting and modern shades, while maintaining a classic and inevitable base eternaluntil you already reach the shades naturally metallic such as gold, silver, bronze and champagnewho for the occasion double (and even quadruple) their dose coldness and shine to the pleasing degree.

With so many options like this, we understand that choosing can be really difficult.

And this is where all the tricks for those who can’t settle for just one color come into play – like painting each nail on the hand differently, have fun with mismatched effects where each finger is a different shade or two-by-two color blocks – not to mention all the embellishments and shapes that can be made with a trend like this. In fact, Chrome Nails is not limited to nail polish applied in the way we all know, but presents a thousand possibilities: come chrome details, in the stickers, inlays to the small 3D sculptures, in a perfect combination between 3D Nails and Chrome Nails. Depending on your taste, it is indeed possible to customize the manicure by creating the nail art that satisfies us the most and suits our personal taste and style.

How to make chrome nails?

For a perfect manicure in Chrome Nails style right at home, The main thing you need is a chrome powder to apply to your nails to recreate that chrome effect at the base of this trend (which you can easily find on Amazon). Apply the color of your choice on your nails (after letting the clear base dry) and when dry, proceed with the powder, applying it with a brush. At this point, just seal everything with a top coat and you’re done!

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