INPS payment dates for December 2023, discover the calendar

With the new month comes the regular appointments for the provision some of the main services provided by INPS. In fact, the dates on which certain measures aimed at families, workers, pensioners and the unemployed will be recognized have already been set. Let’s find out what are the most important events planned Calendar from INPS payments for December 2023. From Basic income (for the last month’s salary and even for a few recipients) yes Naspipassing throughsingle check and pensions. Here are the days to mark on the agenda.

When is the November 2023 pension paid?

The December 2023 pension payment will arrive on the first day of the month, Friday 1 December. While those who withdraw their pension in cash at the post office will be able to go, following the Calendar in alphabetical order, always starting from the first day of the month.

Here, in detail, is the Calendar for Pension payment December 2023:

  • from A to C: December 1.
  • from D to K: December 2 (morning only).
  • from L to P: December 4.
  • E to Z: December 5.

In December 2023, the thirteenth to holders of an old-age pension, to holders of disability or civil incapacity treatments (at the same time as the monthly pension check).

Furthermore, the text of the Advance Decree published in the Official Gazette provides that, with the installment of December 2023, the adjustment to the pension equation. But in detail calculate the pension increase in December 2023 we start from 2023 balancing adjustment, which will lead to a 0.8% increase in the December pension. At the same time, the delays for 2023 (from January to November) will arrive.

Payment of citizenship income

December will coincide with the last monthly payment of the citizen’s income. The 2023 Budget, in fact, had already established the abolition of the measure from January 1, with the aim of organically reforming the tools to support poverty and active inclusion.

The payment of citizenship income It is expected directly on the Italian Post cards around the middle of the month for the new grantees. While the credits for those who are already eligible will arrive around November 27. It needs to be clarified from those who have already received 7 months salary you will not receive the allowance in December.

Support for education and work

Support for education and work was introduced by the Labor Decree from last September 1. This is a monthly allowance of 350 euros per month recognized by INPS for participation, as the case may be, in:

  • training projects;
  • vocational training/retraining project;
  • career guidance or support initiatives;
  • active labor policies.

Payment should be made from December 27th for applications received by the 15th of the month and from the 15th of the following month for applications received during the month whose terms accrue after the 15th but within the same month .

Single allowance December 2023

TO December 2023the single allowance will be paid after the middle of the month (December 18, 19, 20) for those who are already recipients. However, if there have been changes or if the application is submitted later, the credit will be made at the end of the month following the month in which the application was submitted.

Also in June, the new increase for widowed families came into force: the single benefit is increased for a period of 5 years in case one of the two parents dies in the year the benefit is recognized.

In addition, in some cases, from July 2023 there will also be a revaluation of the monthly amounts of the Single Compensation to adjust for inflation, based on the CPI Consumer Price Index determined by Istat.

Naspi payment December 2023

The disbursement of the Naspi payment December 2023 Generally expected in the middle of the month. The date of recognition of the subsidy differs depending on the day on which the unemployment application was submitted. You can consult the exact date by accessing your online social security file with a SPID, CNS or CIE ID. Same dates for DIS-COLL recipients.

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