Innovation Advisory Voucher: applications open

  • The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy with a specific administrative decree has given instructions to request the Innovation Advisory Coupon.
  • SMEs that have completed pre-phase applications by 23 November can now submit a specific request, starting from November 29, 2023.
  • The initiative guarantees contributions in various forms based on the size of the company, for its cost advice from an innovation expert and technology.

Incentives continue for promoting the innovation of Italian companies, which is especially aimed at the media. In fact, a specific voucher arrives to facilitate the support of companies to consultants who are experts in the technological transformation of processes.

There digitization of internal processes and the use of technology today have become very important elements and are necessary for many companies to remain competitive in the market. The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy (MIMIT) has established several competitions and initiatives dedicated to Italian SMEs and the last one concerns the second office for the innovation consultant voucher.

The measure is in line with the “Enterprise 4.0” plan, with 75 million euros of special funds. Recently, MIMIT confirmed the opening of applications for this second phase, it was arranged from November 29, 20231. Let’s see specifically how the initiative works.

Innovation Advisory Voucher: who has access to it

They can avail the Voucher companies operating throughout the national territorywhich meet the following requirements:

  • are micro, small or medium-sized enterprises;
  • they do not belong to sectors excluded from the EU regulation. 1407/2013;
  • have their headquarters or an active local unit in Italy and are registered in the Companies Register;
  • have not received deduction penalties and are current with social security contributions;
  • are not subject to insolvency proceedings and are not in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, receivership, composition with creditors or other equivalent situations;
  • have not received aid, have not returned, for which there is a recovery order.

This support is therefore which are especially addressed to the mediai.e. Small and Medium Enterprises in the Italian territory, but also business networks with at least 3 activities are also eligible.

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How the innovation consultancy contribution works

What can you use it for Coupon for innovation consulting? In detail, it can be used to pay costs for specialist consultancy services provided by a specialist and independent ‘innovation manager’. The innovation manager must be registered in a special list of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy.

Counseling should be targeted direct and support innovation processes, technological and digital transformation of businesses and media networks. The law requires that the consulting contract it cannot be less than 9 months.

Counseling should mainly revolve around two areas:

  • Apply one or more technologies envisaged by the National Business Plan 4.0, such as: big data, cloud computing, cyber security, rapid prototyping, virtual reality, 3D printing and so on.
  • modernization of the company’s administrative and organizational structures, such as the implementation of new work organization methods and commercial practices, the initiation of IPO procedures and similar activities.

So gods are expected requirements for the innovation manager as well, which must be certified and independent and as we saw before, registered on the MIMIT list. A consultant who has the necessary skills and experience to provide specialist advice in the areas listed above is considered qualified.

A director who has no employment or financial relationship with the company or network benefiting from the advice is independent. Let us remember that the MIMIT has already established a list of managers for innovation based on the requests submitted according to the administrative decree of June 13, 2023. The list is already available on the official MIMIT portal in the section referring to the initiative.

Expenditure eligible for the Innovation Advisory Voucher

Some types of expenses are for the contribution guaranteed by the measure:

  • the compensation of the innovation manager: the duration of the consultancy must be at least 9 months and the payments must be made within 15 months of the decree granting the benefits;
  • advance payment vouchers for the works specified in the contract;
  • services provided by the innovation manager and external consultants.

Expenditure on goods, even if related to the project, and any food, accommodation and transport costs are excluded from eligible costs.


Contribution of vouchers for innovation consulting services

As the name itself suggests, support is guaranteed in the format coupon under the de minimis regime. according to the European regulation. The contribution is paid differently depending on the type of applicant. In fact, there is a distinction between micro, small and medium enterprises.

Beneficiary subject Contribution as a percentage of cost Spending limit
Small and small businesses 50% of the costs incurred 40,000 euros
Medium enterprises 30% of the costs incurred 25,000 euros
Business networks 50% of the costs incurred 80,000 euros

How to access the Voucher

Companies wishing to access support must submit a specific application. The application could be completed in the first phase in the time window ranging from hours 12:00 on 26 October to 12:00 on 23 November 2023.

MIMIT has put in place a specific IT process for make sure you meet the requirements to access support and on the same website it is now possible to complete the access request. In the second step, it is therefore possible to send the completed application, from November 29, through a specific process.

We summarize the two phases for submitting the application, to clarify any doubts:

  • Completion of the application: from 26 October to 23 November 2023;
  • sending the application: from November 29, 2023 through an electronic process.

The application can be submitted at the following link: and MIMIT confirmed that more than 7,600 SMEs participated in the preliminary phase.

Via email (email protected) it is possible to request further clarifications to access the measure, while on the Ministry’s platform it is possible to view the various FAQs.

Innovation Advisory Voucher – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ‘advisory innovation voucher’ measure work?

The measure proposed by MIMIT allows Italian SMEs to access special support to get advice from an innovation and technology expert. Find out how it works here.

How to incentivize innovation consulting SMEs?

To receive SME incentives, companies must comply with various requirements, which we have identified here, and send the appropriate request to MIMIT.

Who is the innovation manager for the token created by MIMIT?

The innovation manager has skills in the digital and technological sector and can guarantee at least 9 months of consultancy to the company benefiting from the Voucher, is independent and qualified. It must also be entered in the appropriate directory.

Innovation Advisory Voucher: when can you send the application?

To claim the benefit, you could complete an application from 26 October to 23 November 2023 and it can be sent from 29 November 2023.

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