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eatDue to a temporary imbalance or the skin’s tendency to produce excess sebum, the presence of oiliness translates into heavier and dirtier hair than normal. To fix this and slow down this process, here are the steps and products to stock up on.

Who has it thick hair, or feels the tendency in certain periods of particular stress or hormonal imbalance, knows well what it means to find yourself with heavy and dirty hair after just one day, with roots without shape, volume and shine. Difficult relationship that to take a good turn needs commitment and will, the one with the sebum production from the scalp finds a valid ally in hair care products aimed at balancing the microbiome and cleaning the complex surface inhabited by hair follicles, on which the so-called greasy dandruff, recognizable by its yellowish color, can form. At the same time, even light formulas and those enriched with technologies developed for extend the time between one wash and another they play a fundamental role in a ritual aimed at taking care of oily hair.

The key words when talking about sebum reduction are therefore cleanses, balances, detoxifies and protects for cleaner, fresher hair for a long time. To do this it is necessary to take care of both the scalp, the health of which is crucial for the general well-being of the hair, and the lengths, so that they do not become excessively dry by using products with astringent action.

Oily hair: how to clean it well

The first step of any routine, cleansing turns out to be the most important in the case of oily and dirty hair. The ideal way to thoroughly clean the roots is to rely on a treatment before shampoo special for oily scalp, whose ultra-cleansing action is generally carried out by absorbent ingredients such as clay and salicylic acid. In contact with the skin, these slow down the activity of the sebaceous glands, favoring less sebum production.

Lazartigue, Purify

Tecna, SPA Rejuvenator Scalp

After it has acted on the skin for the indicated time, generally 5 minutes, we proceed to shampoo with balancing action, recommended for those with oily skin or going through a period of excessive oil production, synonymous with an unbalanced microbiome. The formula must not lack active ingredients with astringent, cleansing and soothing action that ensure both a calming and normalizing effect on the sebum. If you wash often, and therefore more than 3 times a week, the best way to avoid the risk of drying your hair is to alternate it with a moisturizing product, with which you will fill and lighten your hair.

Davines, Rebalancing Shampoo

Framesi, Morphosis Balance Shampoo

Moving on to balm or to hair mask, usually harder along the length, the key to not weighing hair down and keeping it soft is to choose products rich in antioxidants, moisturizers and nutrients that, by penetrating the fibers, leave them light and soft. In the case of fine hair or hair that tends to look flat after drying, a volumizing product is the best choice.

Theology, Matcha Repair + Glow Mask

Rossano Ferretti, Grandioso Volumising Conditioner

Oily hair: how to keep it between washes

Once the cleansing routine is complete, the subsequent drying and styling phases should minimize the use of products that can weigh the hair down and avoid applying them from the middle of the hair upwards, which could stain the roots more quickly. If you have thin haira great product to add to the pre-drying stage is a texture spray which will thicken and make the hair more voluminous once it dries.

Mulac, Volume Vibes

Bumble and Bumble, Thickening Spray

Finally, to extend the time between washes, there are two products you should never do without: the dry shampoo and moisturizing serum. The first acts at the base of the hair to eliminate the presence of grease and restore volume to the roots. The second, however, helps the lengths to acquire instant shine and gas, even when you do not have time to repeat the ritual of washing hair.

Olaplex, Dry Shampoo

Biopoint, Hair Booster

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