How To Track Lost Mobile With IMEI Number Step by Step

How to track lost mobile with IMEI number

In this article, I am going to show how to track lost mobile with IMEI number. And how we can do it ourselves from our home with some simple tool.

Using IMEI to locate your lost or stolen mobile is one of the most effective techniques in the world. But it is generally not the easiest to do. Nobody likes losing their phone, and even less than it is stolen. That is why we have put together some tips with which you will have a better chance of locating your lost mobile.

And it is not only about money, losing or being stolen, but your mobile also is not a pleasant experience. Also, our personal information is at risk. Nowadays, on our phones, we keep all the contacts, photos, videos, etc. We also use them to access our email accounts, online banking, and social networks.

So, you can only calm the anguish that this generates if you are sure that you can locate our device. There are so many applications that can help you locate it just by using your email account. That is an example of an app to track mobile phones, but Apple and Android also have native versions.

How to track lost mobile with IMEI number?

First of all, have the IMEI code of your mobile at hand. The serial number of your phone will be handy both to report the theft and for your operator to cancel the SIM card. You will find it in the original packaging.

Use the IMEI to locate your lost or stolen mobile

you can use IMEI to locate a device. With this, you can report it to the Police and even report it to the operator so that no one else can use it. They may also ask you for the invoice to verify that you are the owner.

Although unfortunately, there are few cases of recovery of a lost or stolen mobile. It does not cost anything to try. In addition, you will need to have filed a formal report to block the device completely. Attention, follow this step only if you are convinced that you are not going to recover it.

That is how the Police do it to track lost mobile with IMEI number

In big cities and countries where there is a crisis or are economically harmful, there are usually many thefts of phones for later resale. If you go to the police and are good at their job, they do the location by IME. Otherwise, they block the device by its IMEI.

What is the IMEI number?

The IMEI number is a UNIQUE code that each device has and is made up of 15 digits. In some cases, we can see 14 or 17 digits. If it has 14, it is because the last one has been suppressed. After all, it is 0, and if it has 17, the opposite happens: they have added two more zeros.

Two IMEIs appear because it is a terminal with two SIM / Chip slots

No two IMEI are alike, and its acronym stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity” (English translation).

The operator with the IMEI code knows a lot of information about the device.

By the IMEI number, there is software that can locate your location and even spy on specific information on the phone.

Ways to get the IMEI code

There are several ways to obtain the IMEI code. It is best to have it written down at home if your mobile is ever stolen or we lose it.

The best way to find out the IMEI code is by dialing *#06# and pressing call; our IMEI code will appear on the screen for free.

Other ways to know the IMEI number on Android and iPhone:

Locating a mobile by IMEI 

This way of locating a cell phone by IMEI is free and allows you to locate it from Samsung devices to iPhone. If you have a tablet with a SIM or Chip slot, it can also locate if its IMEI knew.

While finding the mobile that you already lost or stolen, the device must turn on (even if it has another SIM / Chip). This online tool does not work like other apps that allow tracking even when turned off.

After a few seconds, the server will be ready to locate the device. You have to enter the IMEI number (minimum 14 digits and maximum 17, if higher or lower, it is not the IMEI code).

The server takes a few seconds to be ready; to avoid saturation of the service, please be patient. Once the tracking carries out, it will show the location on the Google Maps map.

If it will help you, share the information and help other people like you.

All cellular devices have a unique identification number called IMEI number (international mobile equipment identity) for its acronym in English, consisting of 15 digits or more. They don’t repeat this series of numbers on any other device.

You can find it within the configuration of all existing phones and tablets. Some manufacturers even put it in the box. On devices that have a removable battery, it appears inside the phone.

How to know if the IMEI number is reported?

Some many applications and pages allow you to verify if a cell phone has its identity number registered on a blocklist or not. In some advertisements, users recommend having this number written down in a safe place.So that when it requested to have access to it.

Some pages on the Internet provide this service for free. By entering the number, they give you the description of the equipment it attached to. But, from these websites, you cannot know where the phone last tracked unless you pay a service fee.

The IMEI info application gives us the facility to obtain the necessary information from a smart device. The incidents in case you report it and check that the phone data is adequate.

How is an IMEI number reported?

The main thing to report an IMEI is to immediately call the competent entities, such as the Police or the telephone operator itself. When you report loss of the smartphone, as it is the way that a cellular service operator can begin to act.

The police entity will ask for the personal data of the owner of the stolen phone.The line number, the equipment model, the IMEI code, and the place and conditions in which the device lost or stolen. For this reason, we recommend keeping these cell phone identification digits in a safe place.

At the time of requesting the blocking of this code. There must be a formal complaint that made before the competent entity. That must correspond to the locality where the equipment was lost. Be it the Police, the prosecutor’s office, or whatever the area of ​​the event represents.

Track and trace

Once the formal complaint is made and delivered to the telecommunications company. They block this code. You can verify that this has been done through the free internet pages in which the blocklists appear.

The only ones that can track through the use of IMEI are the cellular telecommunication service providers. Even if they remove or change the assigned line or the SIM chip.They will not be able to use it due to the blocking of the IMEI.

All these measures also carry out when you want to buy a second-hand cell phone. One of the first conditions that must be required of the seller is to request the IMEI number to make inquiries in the blocklists of internet web pages.

If this code register in any of these sites or applications. It is not advisable to buy it. Even when there are already ways to change this number to use the cell phone.It will still be an illegal act to buy objects that well known to be of dubious origin.

IMEI number late blocking

A code lock can also perform because the debts acquired, that not paid. By defaulting without complying with that responsibility that contracted.One of the ways to punish the user is by blocking their service.

FAQ on How to track lost mobile with IMEI number

1. How to find a person with their cell phone number?

The most effective way is to install apps to track the cell phone by GPS, and one of them is through Google Maps. We must activate “Google Find my device,” and in the Google settings, in the security section, click on locate my cell phone to activate it.

2. How to find a person on the Internet?

Google is the key to doing it in a fast, comfortable, and easy way. All you have to do is put the name of the person in question in quotation marks so that Google will search.And show results in which the exact name that we write appears.

3. How to locate a cell phone to another cell phone?

If it is your mobile or someone who accepts the tracking, you can do it with Google find my device in Android and Find my Phone in the case of IOS. It also exists for Samsung and Windows Phone.

4. How to track a cell phone by IMEI if it turns off?

Find a turned-off Android mobile.

Devices with the Android operating system incorporate the Find My Mobile tool by default inside them. And offer us the possibility of locating them while they turn on. In this case, the precision will be maximum, and we will see the exact point where it is on the map.

Conclusion on How to track lost mobile with IMEI number

If tracking services requires, only the telecommunications company in which it assigns is the one who can carry out this type of action. But being subject to the pending report, there may be a lot of time between these mandatory activities.

There is the case that the possibility of verifying the complaint. Which you lost so that the requested tracking carries out efficiently and on time.

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