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largeThe hair care routine that treats dry and brittle hair is a boost of hydration and nourishment

THE dry hair are synonymous with dehydration, this is now known. In fact, when it happens that roughness and dryness dominate the hair, the main reason is precisely the lack of hygroscopic substances that are responsible for keeping the lengths shiny and soft. If the loss of hydration is what determines the appearance of dryness, the causes that lead to this loss can instead be multiple: internal and/or external factors contribute to the risk of the balance and therefore the health of the hair.

Dry hair: the main causes

Among the internal factors, h vitamin deficiencies and nutrients fundamental to overall well-being are added to others imbalances Which it can be hormonal, physiological in nature or, in most cases, they are connected to one poor sebum production from the scalp. External causes, on the other hand, are mainly they are related to environment and habits unhealthy, therefore on the one hand atmospheric factors, pollution, salt and chlorine, on the other hand aggressive routines that can contribute to the weakening and weakening of the hair. These mainly include aggressive treatments such as bleaching or chemical straightening, the incorrect use of hair dryers and other heat sources, as well as the use of products that are not suitable for your hair type and which, therefore, instead of improving their health, worsen. .

Also coming into play and playing an important role in the appearance of dryness is the hair porosity level, that is, the condition in which the hair cuticles are generally found. When they tend to lift it means that the hair is very porous, and therefore more subject to loss of moisture and the appearance of frizz, while if it is closed or semi-closed the hair is generally more hydrated and smooth. Usually, those with curly hair also have porous hair, but that doesn’t rule out other options.

How to take care of dry hair: the best remedies

If you notice that the lengths are dull, brittle and rough to the touch, as well as with broken or broken ends, intervention in a routine aimed at restoring the normal conditions of the hair is necessary. Whether you’re back from vacation or dealing with your first cold, what you can’t do without is a routine that’s first and foremost moisturizing, but that ensures a good dose of nourishment and repair to hair so it’s not only soft and shiny again. , but strong and full. The first solution is to intervene starting from the inside and then restoring a balanced diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables, natural concentrates of vitamins essential for hair beauty. It can be combined with this the incorporation of nutritional supplements aimed at the well-being of the hair, rich in biotin, antioxidants and probiotics that work both in favor of the scalp and the lengths.

The best supplements for dry, dull and brittle hair

Aim, Hair & Scalp Boost

Absology, Healthy and shiny hair

Ringana, Beauty and Hair Covers

In addition to supplements, it is important to take care of dry hair by using products that, in addition to cleaning, allow you to restore the moisture levels of the hair, seal the cuticles and protect against external attacks that could set compromise hydration and closure. made on the capillary axis. Like any good hair care routine, start with scalp care it is the prerequisite for thick and healthy hair even at length. Especially if you tend to have it dry skin on the scalp, resulting in the absence of sebum and the appearance of peeling and itching, what you need to do is rely on a nourishing and moisturizing serum to restore the skin’s protective barrier. To be applied at night in combination with massage, it penetrates deeply, bringing the hydrolipidic layer of the skin back into balance, thus improving the hydration of the entire hair.

The best moisturizing serums for the scalp

Oribe, Serene Scalp – Soothing leave-in treatment

Gisou, Honey Infused Scalp Treatment

Kérastase, K-Nutrive Nutri-Supplement Serum Scalp

The serum also proves to be fundamental in length, where it acts lightly, releasing a concentrated dose of moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients that give instant shine and softness to the hair. Usually based on hyaluronic acid and some other ingredients with a firming, antioxidant and reconstructive effect, the hair serum should be spread evenly on dry locks at any time of the day to stimulate light and silky texture.

The best moisturizing serums for dry hair

Teaology, Matcha Repair Instant Serum

Biofficina Toscana, Finish Anti-Frizz Serum

Biopoint, Hyaluplex hair serum

Apart from serums, which really play an important role in ensuring that the scalp and hair are hydrated, what also plays an important role is ritual in the shower. In this case, it is best to rely on a complete kit with shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in sprays aimed at restoring the health of dry hair, which therefore deeply hydrates and nourishes them, wash after washing.

The best moisturizing kits for dry and weak hair

Hair, Hydration Kit

Aveda, Nutriplenish Kit

Christophe Robin, Hydration Kit

The last essential product for the treatment of dry hair is the heat protector. Especially in the cold months, where the use of heat sources is intensified compared to the summer, the protection of the hair from high temperatures is essential in order not to suffer a shock, with a relative loss of hydration and damage to the fiber itself. Sprayed on the hair before drying and before styling with a straightener or curling iron, it helps to make hair shinier, softer and healthier for a long time.

Framesi, Protect Me Thermo Spray 128

René Furterer, Style Thermo Protective Spray

Milk_Shake, Lifestyle Thermal Protector

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