Do you know how to split screen on mac in?

how to split screen on mac

Information is now everywhere on your little and small devices. But, the short screen space on your Mac prevents you from capturing every bit of information you need. That shouldn’t hinder your productivity. Instead, you should learn How to split the screen between Mac to do more work. To be fair to you, you probably know how to split the screen between Mac by now. The problem is, how are you performing it? Do you know the different methods to divide Mac on the screen? If you know how to split Mac on screen, better for you, presently. If you are searching for the how to split screen on mac , then you are in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s get started

Getting know  how to split screen on mac today

how to split screen on mac
how to split screen on mac

Here are the two methods that can help you to solve the split your screen on mac.

  • How to  Maximize your  Screen
  • Mission Control

Method  1: How to  Maximize your  Screen

It is the 1st method that doesn’t correctly split the screen, but it’s a great way to keep all tools visible. Don’t you hate when all the tools are gone because you went full screen? You would have to exit the complete screen to return to the Menu or Dock.

Save yourself unnecessary clicks by maximizing your screen. In this way, you get a view of the application on a larger screen without missing the Menu and the Dock. If you want to maximize the screen without going to full screen. Here are the following two steps.

Hold down the Option key. The full-screen icon, which is the green button (with two small arrows pointing to the bottom left and top right) on the left side of the high screen, will become one more button.

It will only be large enough on the screen that you can still understand everything. The great matter about this feature is that it preserves the menu bar and the dock.

With the Option key, the performance takes up all the space on your screen. However, its Menu and its Dock remain. That will save you a lot of time since you wouldn’t have to end up searching and opening the tools you need.

If you are feeling booring then you can watch the video

Method  2: Mission Control

Mission Control is an excellent tool that can help you get things done in a shorter period. It is excellent for multitasking. You can understand exactly where your programs are, and you can effortlessly switch from one program to another. Mission Control helps you create spaces so you can assign separate programs. So even with your restricted screen size, you can watch multiple applications at the same time. That’s great, don’t you think? Here is an excellent example of how Mission Control works. If you want multiple screens assigned to various apps at the same time, you can use Mission Control to do precisely that. It is the most comprehensive way of dividing Mac on screen.

If you have many applications running, they opened at the same time. However, it remains difficult to be productive with the apps on top of each other. That may be too overwhelming for you, don’t you think?

With apps on top of each other, your screen will look too disordered. Itis where Mission Control can help you. You can use this marvelous feature to switch between applications and open the window you want. Can you just imagine the time you can save when you have to switch between apps?

The best way to split Mac on split-screen is with Mission Control. Now, there are two ways to start Mission Control.

If you want to know abouthow to split screen on mac then simply follow the steps:

1) Press the F3 key. You may need to use it to press the fn key as well. You can also press the Control and Up arrow.

2) Use your trackpad. It is another way to launch Mission Control. On your touchpad, use 3/4 fingers to swipe up. This simple gesture will start Mission Control.

If you have been practicing Mission Control, you will notice some changes. You will observe the word Desktop at the top of the screen. That takes the place of the thumbnail representation of the actual screen you used to see before. However, that is still the same place where you can create virtual desktops. Another addition is the + button at the top right of the screen.

Another impressive feature of Mission Control is that it allows you to create multiple virtual desktops. Now, don’t get too excited about building too many virtual desktops because that could confuse you also. If you’re not used to it, just go first with a virtual desktop.

You may Follow the steps below to generate your virtual desktop in Mission Control.

  • Tap on the + button at the top right of the screen.
  • Move the cursor to see what your virtual desktop looks like.
  • Click the + button again to add another virtual desktop.
  • Drag the programs you want onto each virtual desktop.
  • Tap on the implicit desktop you want to work on.

Notes:  You can also use practical shortcuts, such as the Control key and the left and right arrow keys.

Applications are easy to move within Mission Control. You can use the Control and the left and right arrows to move between the desks. You don’t require to go to the top of the screen. You can also drag applications to implicit PC.

If you need to have a full screen of one of the applications, just use the green button you see in the upper left to go full screen. Then when you enter Mission Control, you will see that a particular application appears as a desktop. The good news is that you will see your virtual desktops in the correct order. If you go to the full-screen application and manage the keys, Control, and started arrow, you will be capable to properly navigate to each of the virtual desktops on your main screen.

Click the X mark to get rid of any of the virtual desktops.


Now that you know how to split Mac on the screen, you can work smarter and faster. Considering how many applications you can run at the same time, installing PowerMyMac can keep your Mac in top shape. Now, of course, you would have to pay for this software. Software that does all of these critical tasks comes at a cost. You can’t expect it to be free.

It’s understandable if you’re not too crazy about spending money on it, but here’s the thing. You must admit that PowerMyMac is a powerful tool that can keep your Mac in the best place for a long time. I hope you have got the answer about how to split screen on mac in 2023 .

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