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Tdecked out from the holidays, is your tan starting to look less shiny and even?

It’s what we want most in the summer: a golden and even tan capable of giving us that sun-kissed look typical of the summer months. But after your well-deserved vacation, once you get back to your daily routine, the skin on your face and body can look less radiant, drier and flaky. Before you end up with the classic ‘leopard spot’ tan, it’s important get back to taking care of your skin and reluctantly say goodbye to your tan.

Why does my skin look dry and grayer after the holidays?

When exposed to the sun, our skin produces melanin, a pigment that protects us from UV rays. This process leads to a tan, but also causes an increased production of skin cells. Over time, these cells die and they build up on the surface of the skin, making your skin appear grayer and creating that annoying feeling of dry and flaky skin.


To facilitate cell renewal and even out your skin tone, start by using a scrub in the shower once or twice a week. Choose products with natural ingredients such as cane sugar or sea salt. Apply the product all over the body, massaging in circular motions. The friction of the microbeads in contact with the skin will help to remove not only dead cells, but also guarantee a deeper cleansing to prepare the skin for the next steps of your body care routine.

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Who said beauty tools are only for the face? Even in the shower there are many allies that will help you remove the tan and make your skin soft and velvety. First of all the vegetable sponge, easy to use in combination with your favorite shower gel, is perfect for even tan removal, especially in cases where the tan is irregular or ‘spotty’. If you are a fan of high-tech devices, however, you can easily find real electronic body brushes on the market, capable of stimulating blood circulation and massaging lymphatic drainage, removing deep impurities and dead cells.

Grandma’s remedies to remove tan

Natural methods to eliminate tan are the ideal choice for those who want a more subtle and natural approach. At first glance they almost look like smoothiesin fact they can be valid allies to get rid of residual tan effectively and safely.

Papaya and Honey Pack:

Inside the papaya is the enzyme papain, known for its skin whitening properties, while honey is effective in keeping the skin hydrated and elastic. To make a mask, all you need to do is use some papaya pulp and mix with honeyOnce the compress is ready, apply it to your face or body for 20 minutes and rinse gently.

Lemon, aloe vera and coconut milk

One of the best ways to remove tan with natural ingredients is to use lemon juice mixed with other moisturizing superfoods like aloe vera and coconut milk. In fact, lemon has emollient properties that can help remove tan quickly, but warning: can be very aggressive to the facefor this reason, in case of dry or sensitive skin it is best to avoid it.

Turmeric & honey

For the most sensitive skin It is best to try applying a mixture of turmeric powder and honey directly to the tanned areas. Turmeric has whitening and exfoliating properties which can help you gradually reduce the intensity of your tan.

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