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Summer has finally arrived and with it the sun, the sea, chlorine and high temperatures that…could damage your beloved hair in the long run. So how can we protect them from the intense stress they are subjected to?

Protect your hair in summer is fundamental: due to changes in temperature, atmospheric factors such as wind, humidity, salty sea water or chlorinated pool water, our hair can be affected by the treatment we give it in the warmer months and, for in order not to find ourselves with dry and brittle hair at the end of August, we must apply some precautions.

Hair, in fact, needs treatment and care especially in the summer season, when the fibers are at risk of being damaged and losing their natural shape and shine, as well as being constantly exposed to UVA and UVB solar radiation which in the long term act both on the hair bulbs, drying and weakening them, and on the shafts, making them dry, frizzy and full of split ends. Not only that: salt air also plays a major role in hair damage. In fact, if Your hair is generally already quite dry or frizzy, sea water will make it worse, they’re going to dry them out even more and break, and if your scalp is oily, you could even experience what’s called rebound, i.e. overproduction of sebum. Not to mention that sweating and changes in pH also cause inflammation in the scalp, which leads to possible hair loss. In short, summer is a “powerful” enemy of our hair: facing all these problems, so what can we do to protect and properly care for our hair?

Avoid dyes and stylers

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, maybe avoid dyeing your hair a week before your vacation. Dyes and bleaches weaken their hair and the deco + sun combination can be deadly. But not only that: using stylers like straighteners and irons can also weaken hair and make it more exposed. So try not to stress your hair too much and choose frizz-free and natural hair.

Use hair or a scarf

If you’re used to using a top cap to shield your face from UVB and UVA rays, why not do the same for your hair? Arm yourself with hats – straw or cotton are the most suitable compositions as they promote perspiration – and scarves and thus protect yourself from direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Put SPF on your scalp too

I know, it might seem a little strange to you, but how many times have you burned your hair in partings? The solution is to apply an SPF (in a spray it will be more comfortable) on the parting as well and you will always be protected from burns in very unwanted places.

Protective spray, always!

Protective hair spray is probably the number one must-have that should never be missing from your beach bag. It works by creating a real protective barrier and contains UV filters that protect hair from damage caused by exposure to UV rays.

Wash your hair immediately with fresh water

Whether it’s a swim in the sea or a swim in the pool, as soon as you get out, remember to rinse your hair immediately: fresh water removes the salt or chlorine that weakens your hair and reduces the effect they can have on your hair. hair if left there long term.

How to protect your hair in summer

Dry your hair in the shade

After washing your hair of chlorine and salt, avoid drying it in the sun: wet, fresh hair is actually more fragile, and lying in the sun right during the drying period can increase the risk of dryness, breakage and breakage .

Masks go go

For a – necessary – boost of hydration and nourishment, the best thing to do is to use plenty of hair masks. Choose strengthening and repairing formulas that will improve elasticity and shine and keep your hair healthy, soft and thick.

Choose products designed for after sun

There’s nothing stopping you from relying on your classic shampoo and conditioner, but, during the summer, using an ad hoc product could really make a difference: so choose products specially designed to tackle all the associated summer problems and covering a wide range of adverse effects caused by heat, salt, chlorine, wind and sand and that’s it.


Davines, SU Hair Milk
Leave-in milk enriched with UV filters, ideal for protecting hair from the sun and maintaining cosmetic color and hydration when exposed to the sun.


Balique, N°21 – Sun Hair Care Parfum Anti-Humidity
A spray that protects against summer humidity while providing shine and eliminating frizz.


Aveda, Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque
A mask cream with regenerative and restorative action that hydrates and protects hair from free radicals and sun damage
restores the balance of hair exposed to the sun.


Oway, SunWay After-Sun Hair Mask
A hydrating after-sun mask that provides intense hair hydration as well as strengthens hair fibers while protecting against oxidative stress, structural damage and dehydration.


Diego Dalla Palma, Sun Mask – Repairing After Sun Mask
An intensive treatment that nourishes hair fibers and neutralizes damage caused by drying and drying external factors, preserving the vibrancy of both natural and processed color.


Biofficina Toscana, After Sun Hair Cream
Ideal cream as a nourishing-softening treatment after the sun, used after or during exposure to the sun and sea salt to hydrate the hair, leaving it soft, manageable and shiny.


Nuxe Sun, Moisturizing Protective Hair Oil
A two-phase milky oil that protects the hair from UV rays, providing hydration and shine and which is used before and during the bath to protect it from the effects of salt and chlorine.


Maternatura, Mango and Papaya sunscreen hair spray
A restorative treatment to combat dehydration and dryness of the hair caused by exposure to the sun and the sea.


Bioearth, sunscreen hair oil SPF 10
A light sunscreen oil with SPF 10 that should be applied before exposure to the sun as it creates a thin veil that nourishes the hair and protects it from dehydration.


Sachajuan, Hair In The Sun
A treatment that protects the hair and its color from the sun with a UV filter that stays on the hair even after a bath or shower and can also be used for quick styling on the beach.


Moroccanoil, protective hair spray
A lightweight spray that protects hair from external factors and helps prevent fading and brassiness, while also neutralizing free radicals created by UV rays, pollution and other environmental stressors.


Kérastase, Soleil Bain Aprés Soleil Shampoo
A shampoo that moisturizes the fibers and restores the natural softness and shine of hair exposed to the sun, consisting of coconut water, vitamin E and UV filter.

Aldo Coppola, Aquamare After Sun Mask
An after-sun treatment to hydrate and deeply nourish hair exposed to sun, wind, salt and chlorine that combines an intense softening and shining power with a protective and reconstructive action.


Milk Shake, Sun & More Incredible Milk
Repair for all hair types that repairs, regulates frizz, prevents split ends, protects from heat, also favors hold of the style and facilitates the use of straighteners or irons, as well as color retention and protection from UV Rays.


Bioscalin, Protective Hair Spray
A spray that protects the hair from exposure to the sun, neutralizing dryness and dehydration and giving new hydration and shine to the hair fibers.


Medavita, Solarich, Protective Body and Hair Oil Spray SPF 15
A liquid sunscreen oil spray for hair (and body!) with SPF 15 to apply before sun exposure to protect hair.


Garnier Fructis Hair Food pineapple, Conditioner Luminous Lengths
Ideal conditioner to transform long, dull hair into nourished, shiny and healthy hair. This vegan product, whose formula contains no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin, is perfect for use after a day at the beach to boost hydration and sweeten hair with a sweet scent.



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