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PiWhy is it important to protect your hair when styling? Simple. Heat damages the hair which therefore becomes brittle and breaks more easily. But don’t worry, we are here to do everything in our power to always keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Protect your hair from straightening or from any heat tool you use to style is your moral duty to your hair.

There’s no point spending exorbitant amounts of money on rebuilding and polishing treatments if you then end up ruining everything every time you wash and style your hair. Unfortunately it heat – directly or otherwise – it damages the hair, because it causes the fibers to lose hydration and moisture, making them drier and consequently more brittle.

If in summer we feel more relaxed and slightly wild hair doesn’t bother us, in winter we tend to prefer more well-groomed hair. Not to mention that when the temperatures plummet, not blow-drying your hair is like being on the fast track to textbook pneumonia. If we use the straightener or a styler to straighten it or create waves, blow drying is essential, because by now we know very well that using the straightener on hair that is not perfectly dry is the easiest and fastest way to fry them. . Literally.

So what is the solution? Is it possible to have neat hair without damaging it or do we have to give up the choice between the two options? On the one hand, taming certain hair types without using hot tools is impossible, just think how curly hair would look if not blow dried or frizzy hair without a good brushing and maybe a pass of the straightener.

Hair heat protectant

As you may have already guessed from the long introduction, the ideal would be to limit the exposure of the hair to too many heat sources, but since we often have no other choice, then we have to focus everything on hair care.

Heat protectant is your best ally to keep your hair healthy every time you blow dry and style it and should always be used, whether you just blow dry it, but especially if you want to straighten it or create a choppy style with the straightener.

What is heat protectant?

Heat protectant is a hair care product that acts as a protective barrier, creating a film around the shaft and helping to prevent breakage and frizz, leaving hair soft and shiny.

You can find heat protectant in the form of a spray, serum, oil or cream and should always be applied to towel-dried hair before blow-drying. And yes, heat protectant is the only product that can help you avoid damaging your hair with a straightener.

How to apply heat protectant

Whichever type of heat protectant is chosen, the important thing is the application, which should be as uniform as possible. In particular, pay attention to the ends, which are always the most sensitive part of the hair and therefore have cuticles that tend to open more easily.

If using a heat protectant spray, part hair horizontally by lifting the top and secure with a bar or hair clip. Then spray the heat protectant spray on the lengths, paying close attention to the ends. Take a narrow comb or a brush to comb through wet hair and run it through the curls so that the distribution of the product is more even. Now let your hair down and repeat with the top section.

If you are using a serum or cream, always start by sectioning your hair into vertical sections. After you put the product (you don’t need much) on your hand and warm it up, use your nails to work it well into the locks and stroke the lengths while spreading the serum or cream heat protectant to the max. as even as possible, always paying close attention to the tips. Also, in this case, use a comb or brush to try to make the application as even as possible.

The best heat protectors

If you use a straightener and don’t yet use a heat protectant, here are some of our favorites.

Aveda Heat Relief

Davines Melu Hair Shield

Davines Melu Hair Shield

Mulac Volume Vibes

Gisou Warm me, pamper me, fill me up.

Kérastase Genesis Defense Thermique

Pantene Miracle 5-in-1 Pre-Styler

Liss Me Extraordinary Smooth Heat Protector by Capello Point

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Framesi 128 For Me Protect Me Thermo Spray

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