How to Make Your Freckles Stand Out (In Every Way Possible)

largeand freckles are the hottest facial accessory of the moment, even TikTok says so. Here we are ready to chase any method to create them artificially or to emphasize what Mother Nature has given us.

Why suddenly the freckles have they become something we desire? They tend to be small and cute, make you look younger and give a touch of originality and uniqueness to the face. Last but not least, they are super cute and soften the face.

Natural or artificial, the freckles it is therefore the accessory of the moment. Well, yes, you read that right: for those who aren’t genetically gifted with those delightful dark spots, freckles are a real accessory that is worn in the morning with makeup and removed at night when you remove your makeup.

How to get freckles

How to get freckles is not that simple, because they do not appear with a simple command. Freckles are hyperpigmentation of the skin (matter of dark melanin in certain parts of the face) and are due to a gene. Hence not all of us are meant to have them naturally.

Then if you already had freckles in the past as a child, then it is very likely that they make their seasonal appearance in the summer and then fade away in the winter. Well yes, if you ask freckle wearers how to make freckles go away the answer will always be sun exposure (always using protection).

But for everyone else it is practically useless to study methods how to get freckles: if they are not part of your genetic makeup, they will never appear naturally. The only alternative is makeupbut in this TikTok is extremely creative and an endless source of ideas to increase freckles, enhance them or create them from scratch.

How to increase freckles

One more time, if you have natural freckles you have two ways to increase them and they change according to the season. Now let’s explain better.

Freckles are sensitive to the sun and exposure in the summer not only gives you a nice overall body complexion but also naturally increases freckles and makes them more intense. in winter as you lose your tan they tend to lighten.

But nothing is lost and there is a secret to that how to highlight freckles in the gray era. It’s easy and it’s the same used by those who have never experienced the thrill of having freckles naturally, i.e. recreating them with makeup.

Even if they look minimal in winter, but you still want to take advantage of the gift that mother nature has given you, the first thing to avoid is heavy makeup with a very covering foundation. Better is a light BB cream that evens out the complexion while leaving that veil of transparency that will allow freckles to be visible. If you then want to emphasize what you have

How to highlight freckles

Makeup and the sun are the best ways to highlight freckles. The important thing is to use light products and does not cover, so better in cream or liquids that maintain a certain lightness on the skin. However, you always have time to follow up later.

The trick for make the most of freckles It must be based on products with a light and non-tangible texture, with many natural and soft colors, with very subtle pink blush or not too bright orange.

The general rule is less is more: the less prominent the make-up, the more the freckles on the face will be visible and stand out.

How to get freckles without makeup

We have already said that having freckles is a matter of genes and the only possible alternative is makeup. Otherwise there is also the possibility of tattooing panades through it freckles: the cost varies between 100 and 250 euros and they last about two years. But at this point, the question you have to ask yourself is if it’s really worth it or if you can benefit from some makeup ideas tried by TikTokers: they’re definitely less invasive, cheaper, but mostly if you get tired of going out outside. of fashion you can simply stop to draw them.

Looking for inspiration? Come products specifically for eyebrow design passing through bronze and the beauty blender to the color spray to refresh the renaissance, you have a range of more than creative options and there is sure to be one for you.

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