How to make nail polish last longer: a step-by-step guide

TOReally perfect nails for a long time is a dream that can come true: here are 8 useful tips to ensure an always flawless manicure, without chipped nail polish or visible regrowth

There seems to be a diabolical plan behind every minute you spend on nail polish: in less than 24 hours the manicure is ruined. It could be one clipping or unsightly marks imprinted on the enamel, which destroy the smooth and bright surface created by the paint. Defects due to some application errors and bad habits, which make maintenance a difficult task. Not looking at trying to heal someone chipped enamel which often worsen the situation. Precisely for this reason, the best solution for makes the nail polish last longer is to apply it correctly, especially if the intention is to abandon the semi-permanent, at least for once. How do we do it? Just by following these 8 nail polish saving tips.

1. How to make nail polish last longer: the best formulation

It may seem trivial, but choosing one long lasting nail polish and good quality is very important to ensure perfect nails for a long time. The best, in this case, are those with “long-lasting” or “gel effect” formulations, which resist more easily on the nails, reducing the risk of color fading and cracking.

2. How to make nail polish last longer: bleed the nail

Preparing the nail is just as important as sealing the result with the top coat. Precisely for this reason, before applying nail polish is essential dull the nail with acetone. The nail bed, in fact, tends to be slightly oily and, for this reason, the nail polish may not stick well and therefore not be able to resist. The “degreasing” of the nail, therefore, is ideal for ensuring a long lasting manicure.

3. The thin and layered application

The temptation can be to spread the nail polish on in a thick layer to quickly get a shiny color. Nothing could be more wrong: for the result to be perfect, it is necessary spread a thin layer ensure uniform coverage and avoid i lumps, repeating the application more than once. Of course, it is important to let the nail polish dry perfectly, to avoid any movement from ruining the manicure.

4. Seal the ends to make the look last longer

The tip of the nail is the first that tends to be damaged. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to know it seal the outer edgesapplying a thin layer of paint.


5. Never forget the top coat

If there’s one step that can really make a difference it’s applying clear nail polish or top coat. Hardener or with a glossy effect, it is the fundamental element to allow the the nail polish lasts a long time. To ensure a perfect result, however, do not forget to apply the top coat only after the colored nail polish has completely dried.

6. Make your nail polish last longer with good habits

Getting perfect nail art is also about good habits. That’s why your hands deserve more attention during everyday life. A trivial example is wear gloves when doing housework. Aggressive detergents, in fact, not only attack the skin of the hands, but also the enamel, ending up making the enamel last very little.


7. Use hand cream

Hydrated nails, hands and cuticles make the manicure more beautiful and long-lasting. At least once a day is therefore essential apply a moisturizer and skin oil. Keeping them well hydrated will also ward off the urge to eat or cut nails, reducing the risk of damaging your enamel.

8. The right soap will make your nail polish last longer

Not all formulations are the same. To ensure that the enamel lasts a long time, therefore, rely on a natural soapwhich does not dry the skin and keeps the shine of the enamel intact.

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