How to make correction in aadhar card online

how to make correction in aadhar card online

If your AADHAAR card is creating and any of your information in it is wrong, then you can correct it yourself.  The UIDAI (UIDAI), the issuing body of the AADHAAR number, has made the process of updating it easy.

 Aadhaar card can be updated both online and offline.  You can update your address, name, date of birth, mobile number, and email ID in the Aadhaar card. Let us tell you what the process is.

 Visit AADHAAR’s Self Service Update Portal (SSUP). You can click on this link. If you were finding the solution on how to make correction in aadhar card online,  then you are in the right place.  

Getting know:how to make correction in aadhar card online

how to make correction in aadhar card online
  • After this, click on the Proceed ,button.
  •  After this enter your 12 digit AADHAAR number.
  •  Enter the text verification code in the box below and click Send OTP (Send OTP).
  • Then click on Enter TOTP (insert TOTP)

After this, an OTP will come on your registered mobile number registered in the UIDAI database.

 Enter this one-time password (OTP or OTP) and log in to your Aadhaar account.

  •  You can use TOTP to verify yourself.
  •  After this, select the details you want to change.
  • For example, if you want to change your address in AADHAAR, check the address (address) the option and click on submit (submit) button.

Now you enter your residential address.  Keep in mind that you should have proof of address.

  •  Then click on the submit (submit update request) button.
  •  If you want to change your address, you can also click on Modify (Change) option.
  •  Now mark the box in front of the declaration and click on the Proceed (Proceed) button.
  • To verify the address, select the document you want to give as a new proof of address.
  •  Now upload the scan copy of your address certificate and click on submit.

Then read the confirmation instructions and click on the Yes button.

  • After this, you choose the, BPO service company which will verify your information and click on submit.
  • After this, after checking all the information given in the BPO service company form, you will send your request to UIDAI.
  • After that, you will be allowed an enrollment slip by accepting the application to update the information in your AADHAAR.

 Once the information in Aadhaar is updated, you can download the new Aadhaar in a few days and take out your Aadhar card printout.

Ways to update Aadhaar card by center enrollment centre

 You can get information about their Aadhaar by visiting the Aadhaar Seva Kendra.  Here’s how you can do it quickly:

  •  Fill the Aadhaar correction form 
  • Give rise to sure that the data you enter is correct and not the one mentioned in your Aadhaar.
  •  Get self-attested copies of the evidence validating your update request.
  • Submit the form along with the documents.

You will have to spend a payment of Rs 25 at the enrollment centre for updates or corrections. You can give all your elements comprising your biometric data, photos, mobile number etc. updated at the enrollment centre.

 How to update Aadhaar card information online.

  •  Step 1: Go to the Aadhar Self Service Update Portal and click on “Update your Address Online.”
  • Step 2: If you have proof of valid address, then click on “Proceed to Update Address.”
  • Step 3: In a new window, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and click on “Send OTP” or “Enter a TOTP.”
  • Step 4: An OTP delivering to the registered mobile number in the UIDAI database
  •  Step 5: Enter this OTP to login to your Aadhaar account.  Other ways, you can utilize the TOTP feature to authenticate
  • Step 6: You select the “Update Address by Address Proof” option or “Update Address vis Secret Code” option.
  • Step 7: Enter your residential address as mentioned in Proof of Address (POA) and click on the “Preview” button.
  • Step 8: If you want to edit your address then just click on the “Modify” choice and pulse the statement and click on the “Submit” option
  • Step 9: Choose the document type you want to present as a POA for verification and upload a scanned copy of the address indication and tap on the “Submit” option
  • Step 10: Your Aadhaar must be updated request will be submitted, and a 14 digit URN will be generating

You can utilize the update request quantity (URN) to know the Aadhaar address update status.  Once updated, you can also download the updated version and get your Aadhaar card print out.

How to update address without document

 If you do not have any valid document proof, you can update your current residential address on your Aadhaar card.  You can use his speech as proof.

 To update your address without Aadhaar, you can request an Address Validation Letter.  Before requesting an address verification letter, you should keep the following points in mind:

 Your address validating by sending your validation letter containing a secret code to the address of the address validator.

 Both resident and address verifier must update their mobile number with their Aadhaar.

  For any reason, if the address validator fails to give consent within the stipulated time frame, the request considering invalid and will have to start the request process once again.

 Step 1: Go to the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal ( /)

 Step 2: Click on the “Update Aadhaar” option and select ‘Request for Address Validation option Letter.

Frequently Answer Questions

1  Can I update my Aadhaar card online?

 Answer: As per the latest rules, people can only update their address online in Aadhaar card.  However, they can update all other information by visiting the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center.

2  What fields can I update through the Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)?

 Answer: People can update all the information given in their Aadhaar card by visiting one of the Aadhaar enrollment centres.  You can update name, address, DoB, gender, mobile number, email as well as biometrics fingerprint, iris and photograph in Aadhaar.

 3  What are the eligibility conditions for online updates?

 Answer: To change your address online, you will need to submit a scanned copy of the address proof. If UIDAI does not accept your document, the update request will be rejecting. I hope now to have a solution. How to correct the aadhar card online. 

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