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doLooking for a way to lighten up your brows a shade or two? And we’ll reveal the secrets to doing that thanks to expert advice that offers you natural, homemade methods or specific treatments.

The eyebrows have a fundamental role in appearance, because they help to define the contour of the face and the look: just think of the bleached eyebrows that give an instant alien look to any face to see what we mean. We’ve already talked about how much every hair is important and because it’s dangerous to push too hard, risking them growing more sparsely or, worse, never growing again. In these cases the treatments are dermapigmentation or microblading or, alternatively, filling in the holes left by the eyebrow hairs that have not grown back by drawing them with the appropriate pencil.

The desire to experiment or shake up the look pushes us to treat eyebrows as an accessory that we can change at will, resulting in sometimes making mistakes that leave their mark. also open your eyebrows little, it is a process that must be done with care, because the problems mentioned above can also arise in this case: it all depends on the method used.

How to open eyebrows naturally

When we talk about natural methods, the first thought goes to grandma’s remedies and the same is true ways to open eyebrows. “The recipe to make yourself lighten eyebrows at home it involves using chamomile, which is decongestant and soothing, and honey, which softens,” suggests brow artist Jenny Mangano. “In herbal shops you can find chamomile flowers, with which you can make an infusion: let it boil, add honey and let everything cool. If you want, you can also add a few drops of pure castor oil, which moisturizes, nourishes, stimulates the regeneration of eyebrows and gives natural highlights. Next, take two cotton balls (not discs) and soak them to make a poultice on the brows which you leave on for 30 minutes. Repeat once a week until you achieve the desired level of whitening, making sure to rinse well with fresh water,” explains the expert. “

How to open eyebrows with makeup

If, however, you don’t want to risk causing damage and prefer a gentler approach to opening up your brows, you can try simple makeup. “In this case it is enough to use a pencil lighter than our color, so ash or dove gray and dilute it with an eye shadow of the same color. Then, comb your brows with a brush and brow soap for a really natural effect.”

How to lighten black eyebrows

Lightening black brows is a job best left to professionals, because “you absolutely need to use hydrogen peroxide and 10 volumes and the desired color dye,” explains Mangano. “Eyebrow hairs are not that strong and durable and then let’s remember that we are talking about the face area, too close to the eyes and the skin is at risk of irritation, so a very long exposure time to lighten more than one tone is never recommended . It usually takes 20 minutes to open black eyebrows and 10 minutes for brown ones.”

“Wanting to lighten your brows by more than one tone is not recommended because you don’t know how the hair will react. Not only could the color turn orange or gray, but you’d see an unsightly regeneration.”

How to open up tattooed eyebrows

The subject of tattooed eyebrows is a delicate one. “As an eyebrow professional I also have to guarantee this kind of service, but I prefer to do it only on those that are hairless or need filling. It’s inevitable that over time the skin will oxidize and the tattoo will turn red or gray and it’s not the dermopigmatologist’s fault,” says the eyebrow artist.

“To open the eyebrows with a tattoo there are two alternatives. Either we open the hair from above or we rely on the laser, which is very painful, but it is the only method able to lighten the tattoo as much as we want. One session lightens about 20%, but it can be done until it is canceled, but the doctor determines the number of sessions.”

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