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RBeer Rinse, Chamomile Shampoo and Bleaching: What’s the Best Method to Lighten Brown Hair? Here’s what the hairdresser says.

THE Brown hair they are beautiful, indeed beautiful, but we don’t deny that a touch of light can give them an edge. And we’ve known it since we were little girls, begging our mothers to buy us one Chamomile shampoo for natural hair lightening. There are those who admit it and there are those who lie.

Once we’re older, with a little more freedom (and budget) to choose from, we’re still looking for the best method to lighten brown hair. In the meantime, anything could have happened, like we experimented with every color of the rainbow before going back to the beginning, or maybe we put the idea aside for a while until we almost forgot about it, or we learned to take advantage of the action of the sun and sea for to have the true natural lighting effect.

For those who are less familiar or really want to understand for the first time how to lighten brown hair, here we will break down every possible option.

How to lighten dark brown hair naturally

First we need to make a fundamental distinction between dyed dark brown hair and natural dark brown hair. To lighten it up dyed dark brown hair “The only way is through bleaching, so through using oxygen at 20 or 30 volumes depending on how much you want to lighten. Obviously if someone has dark brown they won’t want to go too blonde, let alone in a single session, also because the result is always a bit fake and it shows,” explains Mattia Bonacina, hairdresser and artistic director of Smalto Milano. “What I recommend is to always go at least a shade or half a tone above the effect you want to achieve and then use a toner and that way you avoid the reddish or orange undertones that are typical of brown hair color. starting with a 4 or 5 brown you can go to a 7, which is a medium blonde.”

Lightening dark brown hair naturally is practically impossible, no matter how many washes we want to do with vinegar, beer or chamomile shampoo. AND to the fullest you may have some reflections, but nothing spectacular. “For lighten naturally dark brown hairwhich are much easier to lighten, you can do oil lightening, using oxygen at 6 volumes, if you want the same effect after the sea, going up to 10-13 volumes – lightning-wise equivalent to two months at sea – and in I go for a maximum of 20 more pips to always have a natural result,” says Bonacina.

How to lighten hair from dark brown to light brown without bleaching

If you’re looking to lighten your hair a ton without bleaching it, then you’re in for some bad news. “You can’t dye dark brown hair without bleaching it,” confirms the hairdresser.

There are often suggestions on how lighten hair at home vinegar rinse (great for making them shiny though), beer or chamomile shampoo. “Don’t think chamomile shampoo is a way to lighten hair naturally. All chamomile shampoos contain a percentage of oxygen and it is not chamomile that will lighten your hair. In addition, chamomile shampoo should definitely not be used on dyed brown hair, because it only damages the dye that turns orange. Using chamomile shampoo is the equivalent of the old salon pickling to lighten a tone and a half/tone without having to use bleach.”

Even beer compresses don’t work ‘unless there’s the action of the sun helping the fermentation. The same applies to the action of the sun and the salt when you are at the beach, because salt is abrasive.”

How to lighten your hair without damaging it

Remember when Kim Kardashian went from black to platinum by saying she spent 12 hours at the salon? Here, we take the opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding. We often look for alternative methods that do not oblige us open your hair at the salon, because we believe that he is the one who destroys them. “Technically the damage during lightening is done when oxygen is used in high volumes, which allows results to be achieved in a short time, but the price you have to pay is the health of the hair. When you want to lighten dark hair by several tones, it is better to do several sessions with a long exposure time because you are using oxygen in medium volumes rather than wanting to get results in half the time or even less. The second method is obviously cheaper in monetary terms but it is a very high price for the health of the executives.”

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