how to host on twitch in 2020: Learn Now

how to host on twitch

Unknowingly, there are more than 100 million visitors to the Twitch platform every month.  Fascinating things that more and more people see live games on the Twitch and many grand e-sports games are broadcast live on it.  Streamers don’t just display their content. You can also host other streamers on their channel. Hosting is becoming more popular now.  How to host on Twitch? Here are some proven tips for 2020. If you face problems to host on twitch, then you are in the right place. In this article, you can know about how to host on twitch. So let’s start.  

 What is hosting?

 Hosting is a Twitch streamer that connects your streams directly to another user’s channel while not sending its content.  This means that a chain is always active.

 This article covers the basics of hosting, including why hosting, how to host on Twitch, how to organize someone on Twitch, how to stop host on Twitch, how to host Twitch channels and strategies to host on.

Why the twitch host you need?

 There are lots of  pros to hosting on the Twitch platform:

 Always keep your channel active, even if you don’t send followers will continue to communicate, and if the content is excellent, the number of your subscribers can increase.

 It is a chance to surprise the traffic.  You can share the materials you think are worth seeing and show the audience a new side.

 Expand your circle of friends.  You can support other radio authors and make new contacts.

 This way, your followers can discuss the news on your channel with you.

 Let your followers understand each other better.

How to host mobile on Twitch

how to host on twitch in 2020

 Step 1: Download the app.

 You want to download the Twitch app on your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

 Step 2: set up your twitch channel

 It is a necessary step for a new Twitch user to have a channel.  And after registering, you will receive a standard pathway. Please select a famous name for your channel.

 Step 3: create your twitch icon.

 After setting up your Twitch channel, please go to the Twitch homepage.  There is a standard twitch icon in the upper right corner. You can create your symbol.  It is changed at any time.

 Step 4: find your chat room.

 There is a large dark gray field on the right side of your page.  This field is your chat room, where you can communicate with other users.  It is also the first place to use Twitch commands.

 Step 5: Enter the host command.

 Please click the text box at the bottom of the chat to start hosting.  As a rule, a trustee command automatically issued after entering / host.  If not, you can type the channel name without the brackets and then press Enter.  And your channel will succeed. 

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How to host on Twitch via PC

 1. Log in

 If you don’t have a Twitch account, click “Sign In” in the upper right corner to create one.

 2. Log in to Twitch

 You can utilize any web browser on your computer to log in to Twitch.  Please click on “Login” and enter your username and password.

 3. Click your user name.

 After login, please click your username.  Then a drop-down menu will appear.

 In the chat, click on Channel, Type / Host, and enter the channel name.  For example, if you need to host a POP Twitch channel, you can join / host POP Twitch in the chat room.

 Then those who watch your content will watch the channel you host.  All views are considered views on the hosted channel.

How to stop a host on Twitch

 How to host on Twitch host, or how to stop a host on Twitch?  Sometimes you have to stop hosting someone on Twitch for some reason.  If they’re currently streaming, you’ll need to enter/remove the host in your channel’s chat.  If you have set it up for automatic hosting, please remove it from the list. You can change the custodian up to three times every 30 minutes. I hope now you clear about how to host on twitch.

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