How to fix ipad is disabled connect to iTunes

ipad is disabled connect to iTunes

We always tend to make sure that our devices kept secure, hence the idea of ​​setting up an access code. However, there instances where we forget that someone else tried to use our iPad without our knowledge and entered the wrong code multiple times. And if many incorrect passwords introduced, it this built-in security system of Apple products that locks you after various suspicious attempts made.

It is a good thing if, for example, someone stole your iPad, you wouldn’t have to worry about that person having access to all your private and essential data. Although keep in mind that there are hackers that can easily break with good software; if this happens, Apple will erase all the data on your iPad when they have the opportunity to unlock it, thus avoiding identity theft since you reported that it stolen. If you are finding ipad is disabled connect to iTunes then you are in the right place .

Why iPad disabled? Connect to iTunes

ipad is disabled connect to iTunes

Your iPad won’t crash with just a few attempts; it attends a series of wrong attempts, which are as attends; if you made six unsuccessful attempts, iPad disabled, you can try again in 1 minute, seven unsuccessful attempts try again in 5 minutes, eight unsuccessful attempts try after 15 minutes, nine unsuccessful attempts try in 60 minutes. Lastly, if you not waited patiently and made ten failed attempts, this now indicate that “iPad disabled, connect to iTunes.”

But what if, due to some unforeseen circumstance, you cannot remember your password or accidentally confused it and failed several attempts to enter the correct one, and it led you to deactivate your iPad?

You will have no choice but to put it in recovery mode

which will erase everything it contains. It wouldn’t be a problem if you have backed up everything, but what if you didn’t? It would be a horrible situation for you and would make you worry if you ever find a solution for it.

However, in this article, we have a solution for you that will not force you to delete everything on your iPad when you connect it to iTunes and set it to recovery mode. But for included informational and reference purposes, the initial steps to try to fix the iPad are disabled. Connect to iTunes, where some will require you to erase existing data on your device, not what one would like, but it solves the problem.

The solution to fix the iPad disabled. Connect to iTunes

Solution 1: wait to try to open your iPad

We tend to shock when we are incapable to open our iPad or any other device for which we have configured a security code. We have mentioned the above sequence about how many attempts it would take before something else happens, or unfortunately, it finally crashes. It is best to consider the series of attempts and follow the required timeout before continuing to try again.

Don’t allow yourself to lose it and get to the point where you have no other way out that will make your situation worse.

Solution 2: use iTunes backup to fix iPad disabled Connect to iPad

To keep you from losing any of your data, completing this step would require you to back up your iPad and sync it to iTunes. The steps to complete the process are details below:

  •  Connect your iPad to your computer
  •  Launch iTunes and start the sync and backup process for your iPad (if a password requested, use another computer with the same iTunes synced or proceed with Fix 3 to use Recovery Mode)
  • Once sync and backup are complete, click “Restore iPad.”
  • Then the iOS setup wizard will ask you to configure your device and choose to restore from iTunes backup.
  • Select your iPad and select the latest iPad backup.
  • Now, your disabled iPad restored.

If you are feeling boring then you can watch this video

The definitive solution for “iPad disabled, Connect to iTunes screen” 

Entering recovery mode is simply not ideal for everyone, especially those who have not backed up their files. It will only mean a significant loss of necessary data once everything removed. But do not lose all hope because there is a recommended solution that will not allow you to lose all that data on your iPad just like that.

The recovery (repair) system of ios software -iOS allows you to repair ‘iPad disabled, Connect to iTunes error’ in just a few minutes and without deleting the content of your phone.

This software- iOS System Recovery also used for other issues like DFU mode, white screen function in the startup or even recovery mode, and much more.

Step 1: Download and Laundhios software  Toolkit – iOS System Recovery

After completing the software download, simply follow the instructions on how to install it and then, when finished, start the procedure.

Once you have engaged your device, wait for the system to scan and identify and detect it before continuing.

Step 2: Download the iOS firmware package.

When you are going to download and install the correct iPad iOS firmware package.

Make sure the information you request is correct; it will include the model number and software version of the iPad.

After verifying that you have entered the correct details, click “Download” to continue.

Step 3: Wait for the process to complete

A system recovery started by iOS System Recovery, and it will take a few minutes to complete it. You will get a warning once it finalized, and then the device will automatically reboot and reboot in the usual way.

You have already fixed the ‘iPad disabled, connect to iTunes’ error without missing anything important to you, and this could not have been a success without the help of the ios software  Toolkit – iOS System Recovery.


We, as users, should be aware that we do not forget important details such as our access code, and it is equally important that we always be vigilant to ensure that we back up our files from our devices. We can never say what can happen, but even if you feel like you cornered in a corner, not knowing if you will find an outlet for a problem with your device, ios software  Toolkit- iOS System Recovery will be your choice. Savior to get you out of your situation and make sure you get the help you need to save your device, well in this case you do too. I hope you already fix ipad is disabled connect to itunes .

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