How to find your face shape? Here is a guide

Rsimilar, square, heart-shaped, oval, round, oblong: understanding the shape of the face is the key to success, finding the makeup and haircut that harmonize it best. If you still have doubts, we will explain the method of identifying your face shape.

Understanding and recognizing a person’s shape isn’t as simple as you might think, but it’s a fundamental step for those working in the beauty industry. Image consultants, make-up artists and hairdressers must be able to recognize face shapes with the naked eye to do their work.

There facial shape it is the starting point that should guide you choice of hairstyle, make-up, glasses and accessories which then affect the overall perception. But even when doing your own makeup or creating a hairstyle, it’s important to know what the best combinations are. Not only.

It is also important to know your face shape when you go to the hairdresser to ask for a certain type of cut: the professional will always guide you towards the best option and it may not necessarily be the one you want.

The real difficulty lies in the fact that the form is not always clear and can be classified into one of six classic shapes at first glance.

The structure of the face is difficult to modify, but there are techniques that improving the perception of certain features that you want to enhance and camouflage those that are best corrected, such as sculpting or contouring. Beauty, as we know, is a matter balance and harmony.

How to understand your face shape

If you have asked the question ‘more than oncewhat face shape do i have” and you are still not sure, we suggest a slightly more technical but effective method to answer your question.

Print one black and white photo of your face with hair pulled back and a red marker try to locate a thick line following the outline. Then draw four lines on the face that will give you 3 horizontal sections: a line that goes through thefine line, on the top of the forehead, from one side of the head to the other. another line passing through the base of eyebrowsfrom temple to temple (with these two lines you will get the first part of the face, i.e. the height of the forehead).

Then draw a third line passing through it center of the tip of the nose, from cheekbone to cheekbone (to determine the height of the nose). finally draw a last line that goes through the base of the chin to understand the height from the nose to the chin.

Now measure the height of the different portions ie distance between horizontal lines that you drew on the photo and mark it on a piece of paper. Then note it downtotal height of the facefrom the hairline to the tip of the chin, and the its widthdetermined by the two points on the face that are horizontally farthest from each other.

Face shapes

Portions help you understand better if your face is longer than wide (and therefore corresponds to the oval, oblong, heart/triangular or diamond shape) or if the height and width are similar (and therefore the face is round or square).

For example, if after printing the photo, the The line coming from the outline is rounded and therefore you are undecided between oval or round shape, through the height and width measurements you can choose one of two options: in fact, if the face is much longer than wide then it will correspond to an oval, if instead the two measurements of height and width are similar then it will look more like a round one.

The relationship between these three ratios serves to understand it women face shapes and not only.

If you contour your face, you will notice nothing protrudes or recedes compared to the red marker line, after its shape the face is ovalwhich among the various face shapes is by definition the perfect one.

This face grows in height rather than width. The height of the forehead (from the hairline to the base of the eyebrows), the height of the nose (from the base of the eyebrows to the center of the tip of the nose) and the height from the tip of the nose to the base of the chin are almost similar.

This face it can carry everything, the goal is not to completely hide his perfect shape with an overly layered hairstyle or fringe. All other face shapes aim to tend towards this form using makeup techniques and haircuts that balance and proportion the features of different face types.

The face is oblong as it develops much more in height than in width, and it’s narrow. Forehead height, nose height and height from tip of nose to base of chin they are not identical: one part is usually much longer than the others (a very high forehead, or a very long nose, or a long nose-chin section).

The oblong face may have an oval base but they have other forms, but what prevails is that it is narrow and long. Generally it has flat cheekbones and looks very thinso it must be shortened visually and filled in with the input horizontality in the lines.

The face is round when its contour line forms an almost perfect circle: nothing protrudes or recedes, the face fills the circle completely. This person develops to a degree almost similar in height and width. Cheeks are full.

Round and full faces have its advantage they look younger from what it really is. The round face, to tend towards the more harmonious oval, must be verticalized and definedfor besides being short and full, the want of definition is another of its weak points.

The face is diamond shaped when the width of the cheekbones prevails over the width of the forehead and jawwhich instead shrinks.

The prominent cheekbones they are considered an element of beauty and therefore should be emphasized and not hidden with cuts that leave them exposed: green light for layered lengths and cuts for short hair. But at the same time you have to rebalance the chin and forehead which narrow with lateral volumes.

The heart-shaped face and the inverted triangle face are quite similar in outline. The only difference is that the heart shape has a hairline on the forehead that is exactly the heart shape.

A person of this type can be included in this category in two situations: when forehead and temples is the widest part of the face and the the chin is pointedor when the cheeks are hollow and the receding jaw, even if the forehead is not particularly broad and the chin is not particularly pointed.

This type of face resembles something an upside down egg! The goal is to rebalance the smaller lower part of the face with the larger upper part.

The face is square when its width the forehead, temples and jaw are in the same line and the jaw is square. This aspect is developed to almost similar extent in height and width. The square face is lucky enough to age well because it is the one that loses its oval shape less over time, while the skin and muscles remain well attached to the strong bone structure.

It is one very defined face, sometimes hardwhich should be soft, rounded and elongated, because as a round face it looks visually full.

Face shape: a TikTok filter tells you how to wear makeup

If you’re still in doubt about all of this or don’t know how to create the best makeup for your face type, there’s a pretty simple and fun shortcut. If this hasn’t happened to your #fyp yet (weird, but not impossible), there’s a mix of TikTok filters that can do magic in the blink of an eye. The name of the filter, needless to say, is called MyFaceShape.

The process is quite simple. The first thing to do is understand the shape of the face by trying out the different geometries available. Then there’s a second filter to use in combination, called the Match Stix Snatch, and it’ll make lines of different colors appear on your face, indicating exactly where to place your contouring, blush and concealer. Super easy and fun.

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