How much does a university professor earn?

  • His role University professor in Italy no contract has been concluded: this is a unique category without a National Collective Agreement.
  • This status allows for greater autonomy in contract negotiations, even if they exist anyway some basic conditions.
  • The average annual salary of a university professor is higher than that of workers in other academic occupationsbut it varies significantly between the different categories: full-time, substitute and contract teachers.

There The figure of the university professor plays a decisive rolenot only in the field of education, but also in that of research and innovation.

For an in-depth understanding of the job position and the salaries associated with this profession, it is necessary to underline that the university professor is considered as an unconventional person at the national level.

This category, unique in its kind in public administration, stands out for its lack of a National Collective Agreement regulating the employment relationship.

So there are no fixed pay scales, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist special contractual conditions must be met: Let’s see what it is and how much an average university professor earns in Italy.

University Professor and non-contractual administration

University teachers are non-contractual: we refer to a specific category of civil servants, distinguished by the absence of a National Collective Agreement (CCNL) regulating terms and conditions of employment.

In practice this means that university professors they do not fall within the scope of standard contracts which regulate most professions in the public sector.

This distinction places university professors in a unique position compared to other categories public administration professionals. While most civil servants operate according to the instructions of a CCNL, which sets clear parameters When it comes to pay, career progression, holidays and other rights, university professors take a different path.

Conventional terms

Their status provides a greater autonomy in determining contractual terms, which are often subject to individual negotiation with the university institution to which they belong. However, this does not mean that there are no specific contractual terms that must be met1:

  • the basic salary of university professors is strictly related to that of general managers of the first level of the State, like ambassadors. To this basic salary is added the special supplementary allowance, an amount intended to adjust the salary to the cost of living. Both of these components are pensionable, i.e. they contribute to determining the pension;
  • for teachers who have chosen full-time status one is provided 40% increase in basic salary. This increase is intended to recognize the additional commitment required by this work status.
  • The basic salary of a B grade teacher (substitute professors) is equal to 70% of the full-time professor (full-time professors).
  • every three years professors and researchers are required to submit a detailed report of their teaching, research and management activitiesuseful for asking for a salary increase or for incremental salary increases based on merit and performance.
  • for contract teachers, the financial treatment in cases of costly cooperation is regulated at national level. The hourly wage varies between a minimum of 25 euros and a maximum of 100 euros, as defined by Ministerial Decision 313/2011.

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How much does a university professor earn?

According to ISTAT data2THE The average annual salary of a university professor in Italy is €46,997, which corresponds to an average monthly amount of approximately 3,916 euros plus the thirteenth. This figure, although an average, offers an interesting overview of incomes in the Italian academic sector.

To put this gain into perspective, it helps to make one comparison with other academic professions in public administration.

how much does a university professor earn

In general, university professors tend to they earn more than other education professionalssuch as secondary school teachers, who earn an average of €29,368 per year, or researchers, with an average annual salary of €40,649.

However, compared to other managerial positions in the civil service, Their income can vary greatly. This is partly due to the aforementioned contractual flexibility, which can lead to significant pay differences between individuals, even within the same academic field.

University Professor Categories

There are mainly three categories of university professors: i full professors, substitute professors and contract professors. Each of these categories has distinct characteristics, responsibilities and compensation levels.

1. Regular teachers

Full professors represent the higher level in the academic hierarchy. These faculties are responsible for leading research, supervising doctoral studies and leading departments or faculties. They also have a central role in teaching and setting the academic direction of the institution.

Because of their experience and position, full professors tend to have the highest salaries among academic categorieswith salaries that can vary significantly depending on seniority, reputation and institution.

2. Associate professors

This category represents a intermediate position between regular teachers and researchers or early career teachers. Associate professors carry out both research and teaching activities, but with less administrative responsibilities compared to regular teachers.

Their salary is generally lower than that of regular teachers, but higher than that of researchers and contract teachers. Again, earnings may vary by institution and individual experience.

3. Contract teachers

Assistant professors are specialists and professionals who are hired teach specific courses or modules, often on a temporary or part-time basis. These teachers can come from both academia and the private sector.

Their pay is general calculated per hour or per lesson and tends to be significantly lower than that of full or associate professors. Sometimes, some collaborations are voluntary.

How Much Does a University Professor Earn – Frequently Asked Questions

What does “non-contractual administrator” mean?

The status of “non-contractual administrator” means that university professors are not subject to a formal National Collective Agreement. This allows them greater flexibility in negotiating contractual terms with the university institution. Learn more here.

What is the difference in salary between full-time, substitute and contract teachers?

Full professors, being at the top of the academic hierarchy, generally have the highest salaries, followed by associate professors who earn less, but more than researchers. Contract teachers, who are often hired to teach specific courses or units, have an hourly or per-course salary, which tends to be lower than the other two categories.

How much does a university professor get for each thesis student?

There is no remuneration for thesis supervision for university professors, as this activity is considered an integral part of their regular work responsibilities.

How much does a university professor earn?

According to ISTAT data, the average annual salary of a university professor in Italy is €46,997, which corresponds to an average monthly salary of around €3,916 plus the thirteenth salary.

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