How many female entrepreneurs are there in Italy? Data and trends

  • Women entrepreneurs in Italy are at the top of 1 million and 342 thousand companies.
  • They are mainly active in the service sector.
  • Unlike men’s businesses, they are less present in handicrafts.

How many are there? women entrepreneurs in our country? There are pink businesses in Italy 1 million and 342 thousand and make up 22% of the companies active in Italywhich in total amount to 6 million in the entire national territory.

These are the numbers from the latest report by Unioncamere and Centro Studi Tagliacarne1 on women’s entrepreneurship, about 2021.

Arguably a marginal rate if one looks at the Italian business scenario, even if they have seen stronger growth than their male counterparts. But in the five years between 2014 and 2019, the Women-owned businesses up 2.9%compared to 0.3% of men.

The report also examines women-owned businessesand cooperatives or partnerships with at least 60% women among members. In joint-stock companies, however, they must own at least two-thirds of the shares. Let’s look at it in detail.

Women entrepreneurs in Italy

In 2021, there are women entrepreneurs in Italy 1 million and 342 thousand.

The Region with the largest number of female businesses in 2021 is Lombardywith 181,722 pink businesses, representing 36% of the country’s total.

Followed by Campania and Lazio (140 thousand each) and Sicily, with 116 thousand.

41% of companies headed by female entrepreneurs are located in the north, where the largest number of Italian companies reside. The remaining 34% is in the South and 25% in central Italy.

In relation to all companies, the area where the presence of female activities is greater It’s the South.

Compared to the national average of 22%, in Southern Italy women’s businesses reach 23.7% of the total in the region. In Northern Italy, the corresponding share is just over 20% (551,000) and in Central Italy it reaches 20%.

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The size of the companies

Let’s focus on the size of companies led by female entrepreneurs.

96.7% are very small businesses, 3.1% are small-sized, while 0.3% are medium/large. However, looking at the corporate structure, the following percentages are recorded:

  • individual companies: 61.7%;
  • capital companies: 24.3%?
  • partnership: 11.1%;
  • other legal forms: 2.9%.

11.3% of women-owned businesses are created by young people. This percentage appears to be similar to that of foreign companies which make up 11.6%.

Women’s entrepreneurship: the economic sectors

Analyzing the sector in which women entrepreneurs are active, it is possible to understand certain specificities. Most women-owned businesses operate in the following sectors:

  • Services: 66.8%;
  • Agriculture: 15.4%?
  • industry: 11.3%.

In 2021, the rosiest sector of all is the one related to personal serviceswhere 60 out of 100 companies are present.

In the health and social care (cares for the elderly, nurseries, aesthetic medicine centers, etc.) has the second largest share of women’s businesses, equal to 37.3% (just over 17,000 in absolute terms).

Just 11% of businesses run by women are industrial, but the report highlights that female entrepreneurs have increased by more than 600 points in this sector, compared to a decrease for men.

Women’s entrepreneurship is too slightly less manual than the male: pink businesses are just over 219,000 and make up 16.3% of all women-owned businesses.

Also in this case, we read in the report, there is a tendency opposite to the male one: the iPink companies rise 0.3% (corresponding to 737 more units), while non-female ones decrease by 0.4%.

Within a craft business context, characterized by a reduction in workers, women entrepreneurs are an important support for the sector.

Women Entrepreneurs – Frequently Asked Questions

How many female entrepreneurs are there?

In Italy there are 1 million and 342 thousand and they make up 22% of the companies active in Italy.

In which sectors are they mainly active?

In most cases they work in services, mainly personal.

Geographically, where do we find the largest number of female entrepreneurs?

The region where the largest number is present is Lombardy, although the region where they are more present in percentage is the South.

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