How you can format your laptop

how you can format your laptop

In this article, we are going to describes how you can format your laptop or PC with Windows 7 and 10 or with any other of its versions.

Which tools you need to format a laptop

To save the backup, we recommend an external hard drive, although you can use a USB. Whichever option is choosing to make sure the memory unit is reliable.

We will also need the Operating System that we are going to install on the PC, on a bootable CD or USB.

Backup before formatting

When formatting a pc or laptop, you should be aware that all the information stored on the computer will be lost, so it is advisable to make a backup copy before formatting your Windows computer.

By themselves, the programs do not need to be stored anywhere if you have them available to reinstall them after you have finished the process. Also, they take up a lot of space. But, for extra peace of mind, make a list of the programs that you are going to re-install and ensure you have the installers or the program CD.

Steps to format a Windows PC or laptop

Before starting, you inform that this is a process that requires the investment of time and a lot of concentration. Otherwise, it is even simple since there is no chance of losing information because you have already protected it before. And, if something does not go as you expect, you can start again without significant problems.

Also, make sure you have the Operating System you want to install on hand and have reviewed its characteristics and the opinions of different users. Of the most updated versions for Windows, 7, 8, and 10 stand out.

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So, let’s get to it:

  • Put the bootable CD or USB with Windows, turn off the system, and turn it on again. When it turns on instantly, repeatedly press the F11 key (this key varies depending on the computer, the most common are: « F1, F2, F8, F9, F10, F11, and  F12 «) to allow the equipment to access the sale BIOS.
  • There you should look for the BOOT option and choose the Boot device priority option and indicate that the reading is okay from the optical drive of the CD or the USB slot; this is so that the PC or laptop boots from where you have the Operating System.
  • Exit the BIOS and save the changes. Wait for the computer to reboot, and Windows will start to start the rewrite.
  • In the case of laptops, the reset process is not as complicated as most come with the set of files for automatic disk recovery.

You can do it by restarting the computer and showing yourself what it offers you in the start menu. Among them, the one that gives you access to the repair menu stands out. Within this, you will find an option that tells you ” repair your computer ” or ” restore settings, “you can move with the arrows on your keyboard. You just have to run it and go.

If you have any problem you can watch this video.

Install Windows to format the computer

When the previous phase ends, your Operating System will be loaded, which, as we said before, can be Windows 7, 8 or 10, and we will install it to leave the computer as new:

  • When starting the program, it will take us to a window where we must accept the terms and conditions imposed by the company for the use and enjoyment of this Operating System.
  • Next, you will ask us about what we want to do. In this case, the system offers us two options: custom (advanced) installation or perform an update. Since we want to format the computer, the only possible alternative is custom.
  • The data they request indicated as the language.
  • Then we will have to select the disk on which the program will be installed and delete the partitions to have a clean format. In this procedure, it will take 10/15 minutes and two or three computer restarts; it will be available for use.
  • When we finish formatting the PC or laptop, it comes to life with a basic configuration. At best, it is necessary to install drivers for it to function correctly.

If you did the backup or backup process well, you would be able to access the drivers you use the most. If not, you should consult Google, which is the most appropriate when this process is carried out.

Why should a computer or laptop be formatted?

To finish, we want to make it clear that formatting is not a mandatory and planned procedure; you can also reset a tablet or a cell phone. But this response to specific behaviors that the team is having and that prevent it from operating normally, such as:

  • Work very slowly, preventing you from carrying out your daily tasks in an expeditious manner.
  • Some unforeseen changes in the files (due to bad practice or a virus) can generate instability in the system, causing the programs to work incorrectly, information to be lost, the computer to hang, among others.

After all, formatting is not the end of the world. On the contrary, it represents a new opportunity for both you and your computer to return to a relationship of satisfaction as there was that first day. Now I hope you got the answer to how you can format your laptop.

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