hooded eyeliner: who’s comfortable with it and how to do it

VEnhancing a hooded lid with eyeliner isn’t impossible: with a little care, in fact, the result is a look worthy of the stars

Not all eyes are the same: there are many different shapes of them submerged to them near, far, down, upwards. A silhouette that will be enhanced with the right combination pencil, eye shadow and eyeliner, playing with colors and textures, finishes and application methods. Among the numerous eye shapes, those with drooping eyelid is often a challenge when it comes to make up because of fixed eyelid that tends to overlap the mobile: the “space” to create, in reality, may seem very small. The temptation, then, is to give in only to chiaroscuro combinations that can enhance hooded eye makeup, abandoning lines and graphic features. An unnecessary sacrifice: heyeliner for the hooded lid it is not only a beautiful alternative, but also a fashionable choice. Celebrity Word!

How to identify hooded eyes

From a clinical point of view drooping eyelids; – or drooping eyelid – consists of a complete or partial lowering of the fixed eyelid, which seems to fall over the mobile one. There can be many causes, from skin aging to bad habits such as smoking, alcohol abuse and poor diet, combined with stress and minor trauma, that cause relaxation of the eyelids. A completely natural and normal condition, congenital or age-related, which should not in any way cause concern.

Droopy eyeliner: how to apply it and who is comfortable with it

A hooded lid can seem difficult to enhance with eyeliner. The small available surface is to blame: the eyelid, in fact, tends to droop, almost completely covering the eyelid eyeliner line. For this, position and angle of the eyeliner is everything: the line, in fact, should be rather straight and not reach the innermost part of the eye. The ideal is to make sure that the eyeliner starts from the lash line, stretching outwards without going beyond the crease of the eye. A simple structure, to be filled in as desired: except for eyeliner color, you can create a thick or very thin line, defined by the contrast with the concealer or thinner. Mascara will give the final touch, which is essential for open up the look and strengthen the droopy eyelid.

Celebrity hooded eye makeup


Taylor Swift


Margot Robbie


Karlie Kloss


Jennifer Lawrence


Eva Green




Blake Lively



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