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siast unplug to lower your stress level, what better place to do it than your home?

Are you running from one appointment to another, someone always wants something from you, and you have trouble falling asleep at night because of too many thoughts? Then all the red flags for a “me time” they play. Especially in hectic and hectic times, it can be really good to unplug and recharge your batteries. It doesn’t have to be an expensive day at a five-star hotel, it’s easy to relax and recreate one mini spa even in your bathroom . With these simple tips, you can transform your home into a real wellness oasis.

Create the right mood

It’s up to you to decide whether to read a book or listen to your favorite Spotify playlist. The most important thing is to create an environment in which you will feel completely comfortable. Light a scented candle or spray a wonderful room fragrance: scents such as lavender and vanilla have a calming effect and are ideal for those looking for a moment of calm and well-being.

Foot bath

They accompany us every day in our hectic lives, yet they are always neglected when it comes to their care: we are talking about the feet. Now that you are relaxing, take a foot bath, 10 minutes in warm water is enough to have soft and velvety feet. To relieve tension, try adding 4 or 5 drops of lavender essential oil, you’ll instantly go into relaxation mode.

Who said that to take care of your skin you have to go to the beautician? With the right tools it is very easy to get professional results even at home. From electric cleansing brushes, able to replace facial cleansing in the beauty salon, to the latest generation LED masks, ideal for tightening and brightening the skin of the face.
The only rule is to be consistent, only in this way the results will be visible and long-lasting.

Peeling and scrubbing

In the shower, apply a body scrub to remove dead skin cells. Massage gently in circular motions and then rinse. For the face, in addition to classic mechanical exfoliants, enzymatic peels can also be used that can make the skin brighter and smoother in just a few minutes.

Face masks

After exfoliation, the skin on your face is especially receptive, so it’s time to choose a mask. There are two alternatives: sheet masks, i.e. sheets infused with active ingredients to be applied directly to the face, or those in a jar, great for multiple masks. With this last technique you can apply several masks at the same time to save time and for a more targeted action on different areas of the face. Whatever your favorite item, there’s only one rule: wash it off after 15 minutes without leaving any residue!


A new generation of ultra-light, wireless and very high-performance LED face masks: made of flexible silicone, these innovative masks adapt to
facial contours, for even light coverage.


RITUALS Private Collection Suede Vanilla Home Fragrance
This sensual aromatic room spray combines the sweet, comforting scent of vanilla with base notes of cardamom, rosemary, patchouli and vetiver. Let, layer by layer, the calmness and sweetness of the exclusive Suede Vanilla home fragrance whisper into your spirit and instill peace in your mind.
Personalize your room in minutes with a single spray and create a stimulating environment at all times.


NUXE Super Serum Deluxe
This pure and vegan super-concentrate of effectiveness with Natural Hyaluronic Acid and thousands of microspheres of fractionated vegetable oils is the basis of any anti-aging routine, for all skin types. Its texture, reminiscent of golden pearls, is obtained using a revolutionary 100% natural microfluidic encapsulation technique. The pleasure of this powerful serum is guaranteed from the first application.


Hydrating, smoothing cream with a firming effect, inspired by the iconic and award-winning Magic Cream, improves the aesthetics and well-being of your skin with each application. Thanks to its composition based on the evergreen Magic 8 Matrix (hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, Aloe vera, frangipani flower extract, camellia oil, rosehip oil and shea butter), combined with energizing caffeine and Algaktiv Uplift technology, it guarantees deep and long-lasting hydration that acts on spots to reduce them by 60%.


Diptyque Candle Seoul
This new creation with musky and delicately woody notes of hibiscus flower, mixed with touches of incense, cedar and jasmine, is the promise of a journey between modernity and poetry, in the rhythm of the city and nature.


Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Hair Mist
A sweet scent, a light and delicate Hair Mist. Formulated with Argan oil and Pro Vitamin B, it is enriched with ingredients that nourish and soften the hair, giving it a healthy shine and a soft fragrance.


BENAMÔR Gordíssimo – Body scrub
The body scrub from the Gordissimo moisturizing range is able to deeply nourish and exfoliate the skin thanks to a blend of Portuguese sea salt, shea butter, sweet almonds and argan oil.


Dior J’ADORE Les adorables sparkling scrubs
Fine and creamy, the J’adore Les Adorables Gommage Scintillante Body Scrub exfoliates and sublimes the skin thanks to its pearlescent pigments and 24-carat gold particles. Soft and silky, skin is illuminated and gently scented by J’adore’s fresh and floral notes throughout the day.


KEYS Soul Care – Sage Wax + Oat Milk
A soothing and calming candle scented with sage and oat milk. Aromatherapy candles stimulate relaxation and refocus energy during Skin Care.


Sarah Chapman THE FACE LIFT
Sarah’s hands on a single instrument because it perfectly reproduces the movement of the facial treatment performed at the London Clinic.


Sisley Le Sculpteurt
Dual action emulsion, day and night, that adapts to the body’s biorhythm to act on curves and reveal skin that is more beautiful to the eye and to the touch.
IL GIORNO, the combination of Pink Berry oil, Caffeine, Cedarol and White Ginger extract, helps reduce excess volume. The thighs are refined, the skin is firmer, as if toned.
THE NIGHT, the unprecedented combination** of Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil and Plankton-extracted exopolysaccharide, works to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The orange peel appearance fades during applications, the skin becomes smooth.


Helena Rubinstein’s reformulated day cream is ideal for those who want to protect their skin from external factors such as air pollution. Thanks to its soothing and restorative formula,
wraps the skin like a protective bandage giving it an instantly smooth appearance.
With niacinamide extract, Tasmania and Madecassoside, These 3 ingredients allow you to improve skin function, reduce redness and immediately soothe damaged skin, giving it relief.



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