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smallscrubs, vials, serums, microcirculation massages and specific routines: even hair needs a healthy detox to restore its shine and say goodbye to dryness, brittleness and cleanse itself of toxins

So yes: the detoxificationas well as nutrition and skin, it also exists for our loved ones hair. In fact, over time, germs, bacteria, fine dust, dandruff, residues of products used for styling and hair care – such as oils, heat protectants, mousse – and, due to the rich calcareous water, are deposited on the scalp and lengths. heavy metals that in the long term can end up in the heart of the keratin fibers and the limestone itself that covers the hair can become brittle and damaged. Not only that: also thehumidityfacilitating the absorption of water, it modifies the pH of the hair and the micro dust pollutant which are absorbed along with the water vapor, end up making the hair dry and dull, as well as making it susceptible to smog and odor absorption.

In brief: There are many problems that arise if we do not carefully treat our hair by detoxifying it and this is why our hair, from time to time, needs to be deep cleaned to bring back revitalized, healthy and shiny hair. Plus, a detox routine is done right can help balance the scalp and provide extra nourishment of the skin and hair, also stimulating the hair follicles to grow faster and encouraging the care of the shaft as well as the removal of dandruff, dandruff, dead skin and pimples.

So what are the methods to do a complete hair detox?

Start with the skin

Like the lengths, the scalp also needs its own: the ideal treatments for clean the scalp, Oxygenating it, promoting regeneration and preparing it to strengthen hair for the summer is a lot. The important thing is that they combine the detoxifying effect with the promotion of the cell cycle and the oxygenation of the skin. This can happen through use of vials specially formulated or serums rich in minerals and vitamins, created to deeply rejuvenate the scalp. Finally, don’t forget stimulate microcirculation with a specific massage using brushes and toolsto allow the treatment to penetrate better and encourage proper watering of the hair follicles.


Another much-loved method for proper hair detoxification is undoubtedly exfoliation. As with the skin, exfoliation serves to remove dead cells and accumulated impurities and promotes the now famous cellular oxygenation: the best way to do it? With a specific one it rubs specially designed for use in head (do not give in to DIY, but rely only on specific products), capable of freeing this area from excess sebum and from the entire previous list of substances deposited on the skin. How to use? Pre-shampoo, massage the microbeads into wet roots and scalp, then continue with your regular cleansing routine.

Restores pH

After a healthy detox a healthy pH “reset” is needed.

To avoid problems such as scalp irritation, dryness and dandruff, it is essential not to alter the pH, whose balance is responsible for the health of our hair. After such an intense action, then equip me products that balance and harmonize the condition of the skin and soothe it when needed.

Adopt a hair detox routine for the lengths as well

Detoxification is not only for the skin: the lengths also need to be cleaned and, to do this, choose products such as detoxifying shampoos that deeply cleanse impurities and the impurities caused by the production of sebum in the skin but at the same time they also remove the salts and metal residues that have been deposited in our hair after various washes or leave creams, conditioners and treatments that protect them from damage caused by metal particles and from UV damage such as frizz, roughness and brittleness.


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