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Heyfrom A to Z, all the tips for an outfit-hailstyle combination with bows

You know: hairstyle and outfit they always go hand in hand. They reinforce each other, complement each other, elevate each other or… they may even risk fighting. For this reason it is always important we pay special attention to the combination we decide to make between our hair and our wardrobe, to avoid wasting the effort just made (or losing a good look) due to an oversight or error that could have been avoided. In fact, there are many small tricks that can help us in our choices: starting from the balance between hair and neckline to always taking into account the general style of the dress chosen for the occasion.

So what are the tips to follow for a perfect combination?

Pay attention to the balance between hair and neckline

The first rule of the perfect match is…consider the balance. In fact, based on the shape of the neckline, it will be better to prefer one or the other type of hairstyle in order to get the right overall balance. If the uniform is a Turtleneck, leaving your hair loose or in a semi-updo would risk shortening your figure, while an updo like a chignon or a high ponytail will elongate your neck. If you’re wearing a strapless shirt or dress, go with long, loose hair. if the neckline is instead of the back, the possibilities are many: from a high bun, to a side braid, to any hairstyle that falls in the front and leaves the back uncovered. Finally, if the neckline is a little boatpreferably a chignon or a low asymmetrical ponytail, and if the neckline is asymmetrical, let the most “important” part of the hairstyle fall towards the less high-cut side of the dress, to balance the volumes!

Everything is a game of colors

Even if it’s not really a “hairstyle” issue, hair color is still one essential component of a good hairstyle + outfit combination and, if we do not consider it with care, it may be in danger of becoming the false note of our agreement. So pay attention to the color of the dress chosen for the occasion and the color of your hair at that moment: for example, avoid blocking your outfit and hair if the shades are both too light or too dark. If your skin is pale and your hair is platinum, do not choose a dress that is too light, because you risk “disappearing” and not letting anything in particular stand out: on the contrary, if your skin is too light, the hair is jet black black and the dress you wear black, the chances of your look getting a gothic charm – even if you don’t want it – are very high. Therefore, play with contrasts and shades that combine well with each other, prefer (in the case of colors such as pink, green, purple, blue or in any case artificial colors) always similar and compatible shades.

Consider the overall style of the look

Let’s face it: the possibilities when it comes to hairstyles are endless. Therefore, it is not so much a matter of following strict, school rules, as long as you consider the overall style of the look you’ve chosen and then adjust the hairstyle. The image should always be analyzed and observed as a whole: no matter how much we like a hairstyle, if it contradicts the style of clothing, it is better to abandon our original idea and prefer something more suitable. For example: if the dress is elegant, pair it with a nice sophisticated updo, but if the dress code is casual, style your hair accordingly, perhaps with a soft braid or beach waves.

Match the colors of the accessories with those of the outfit

If your outfit has colors in shades of pink, fuchsia or lilac, stick to those colors when choosing accessories for your hairstyle, maintaining continuity between the shades of the look and the shades of the accessories. In this unique move the common thread between hair and clothes will be flawless and the overall look in palette!

If the outfit is simple, elevate it with the hairstyle and vice versa

Dress too basic? No problem: give us a twist with the hairstyle (and… vice versa)!

Sometimes hair also serves to level up coldness of our appearance, helping us just when we think we are doomed. You arrived at the last minute, the dress you chose doesn’t look “busy” enough and there’s no more time to change your mind? The solution to all your problems could just be a hairstyle that balances the overall meaning and restores absolute harmony.

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