Hailey Bieber, beauty look between Barbie and y2k. But the strawberry French manicure is amazing – The Wom Beauty

VDo you want to show off an impressive beauty look inspired by the current trends? Here’s the muse to watch out for, Hailey Bieber, between strawberry French and a dizzying makeup look

And if it really has to be Barbie mania, then let it be in every way, from the clothes to the make-up and even the manicure. Maybe pick one French strawberry such as that sported by Hailey Bieber. A combination of glamor and trends that really turns heads and gives it an absolutely stunning stylish touch.

A makeup that mixes the colors of pink, characteristic of the glitter world and total pink from Barbie, with the Y2K aesthetic, which was much loved by celebs and specifically by Hailey Bieber. Which shows it in every possible occasion, from the most casual to the street style and to the gala nights and the covers of top magazines. A true beauty must also have a beauty look which is worth repeating.

And let’s start with this, from the unique makeup that the model showed and which appeared on Instagram. A sophisticated make-up, we could say almost minimal, in nude colors and that focuses on the look. A beauty look that includes brightening the cheeks in one swipe blush or highlighter, a nude lipstick and very subtle eye makeup. With nude or earth eyeshadow, but almost imperceptible, mascara and a touch of added glamor given byEyeliner. A detail that elongates the look thanks to the side ponytail that highlights the shape of Hailey Bieber’s eyes and her innate magnetism.

But be careful, because the pinnacle of Hailey’s beauty look hasn’t arrived yet and it’s her exquisite strawberry French.

A detail of pure charm to be copied immediately. As? Obviously we reproduce it step by step manicure of the model, starting with the shape of her nails. Because let’s face it, for a French strawberry made to perfection, the almond-shaped nails like Hailey Bieber’s are really the best. A shape rounded at the top and of medium length, in which the large rim is colored in shades of pink, almost like that of bubblegum, and the rest stands out like fire red dizzy mat.

In other words, only two colors for a definable effect exceptional it is little. A French strawberry that fits the most popular trends of the moment, the one that wants us all to be inspired by Barbie. But a beauty look that, as a whole, is also reminiscent of the aesthetic that the celebrity loves and that exponentially increases her innate charm. A combination you should definitely try!

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