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7 ways to rock gray nail polish that prove this color is the perfect symbol of fall gloom

September, as we know, is the time when everything the melancholy for the end of summer and the beginning of autumn converges: the days get shorter, the first fresh breeze caresses the skin, the sleeves of clothes get longer, the colors change and darken and the skies begin to turn more leaden. And it’s just when this change of seasons happens gray enamel appears in the world of beauty, taking over the trends of the moment and becoming one of the most popular colors cool to brag all fall.

Until recently, this shade was rarely used in nail art and was considered boring, this fall get ready for a blast gray shades full blast: gray nail polish is actually the perfect one nail polish For embrace the melancholy of September and all its colors and attract attention with a manicure that matches our mood. So we will be sad, but still great!

But not only that: gray does not necessarily mean boring and after taking a look at these 7 gray manicure that we have selected for you, we’re sure you’ll change your mind about gray nail polish and you will succumb to its nostalgic and September charm!

Gray Uruuru Nails

Who said that Uruuru Nails, the two-tone iridescent and iridescent nails inspired by the Nordic Northern Lights and soap bubbles, can only be painted in shades like blue, lilac, purple, pink and green? The fall version of this trend rediscovers pearl gray, in a light, ethereal and desaturated version, combined with iridescent highlights in warm tones, in a perfect transition color combination that symbolizes both the late August sun and the gray sky September. Everything, in one dose coldness which certainly does not go unnoticed.

Gray chrome nails

Gray does not necessarily mean only light and soft gray: how about choosing a beautiful charcoal shade daring and slightly dark according to one of the most popular trends of the moment? Creating this manicure is very simple: all you need is a top coat and a base coat, a black nail polish and a two-tone powder to set over the nail polish and then build it up and… that’s it!

Gray Aura Nails

The Aura Nails, so named for their newage character and reference to aura and spirituality, are characterized by a small oval (airbrushed in the most professional cases or sponged) shaded and placed in the center of the nail. In this case, have fun playing and experimenting with different shades of gray (lighter on darker, vice versa or similar) and if you want, add some 3D or chrome details, just like nail artist Queenie teaches Nguyen with her Alien Superstar Nails, inspired by Beyoncé’s album Renaissance, decorated with fondant effect outlined in the aura oval and transparent relief ornaments.

Classic gray nails

Simplicity, sometimes, can be our best ally: that’s why we advise you – in a sea of ​​trends, trends and aesthetics – not to despise a priori timeless and always aristocratic Monochrome gel manicure that always makes a good impression. If you really want to give it that extra twist, try having fun with a gray scale – from lightest to darkest – different on each finger.

Watercolor gray nails

Watercolor nails are painted gray in a riot of delicacy and abstraction, just like a watercolor painting on canvas. In this case, ride his wave gray trend with a transition to shades of gray that gradually dissolve to move to another level of saturation: from smoky gray to dove gray, to the combinations with transparent enamels.

Gray Marble Nails

Even if marble nails are not a true novelty, their charm has never stopped mesmerizing users and, as expected, thanks to the cyclical return of trends, they are back on track. Inspired by marble, this nail art delights and recreates the effect on the nails, with associated shades, textures and veins – in this case – in shades of grey.

Gray sweater nails

When we hear the words “grey” and “sweater”, our mind immediately goes to the very popular winter images of gray sweater and it was only a matter of time before this much-loved combination transformed into a show-stopping trend once the cold season arrived. On the other hand, the “grey sweater” is the perfect autumn and winter symbol to recreate with nail art, which, on a matte base, is filled with embossed details and recreates the texture of a sweater.

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