Glow Drink: the juice for perfect skin viral on TikTok

HeyHaving gone viral on TikTok, Glow Juice seems to be the ally for getting perfect skin, able to eliminate pimples and brighten the skin

TikTok’s algorithm can be amazing with a little care fake news and in not-so-healthy DIY treatments, it can turn into a valuable source of information. So, for example, among miracle masks and Old Money makeup, you may come across a solution skin inflammation, acne and abdominal swelling. It is said Glowing drink and, according to TikTok’s beauty addicts, it would be a drink based fruit and vegetablesrich in health benefitsintestine and, therefore, of the skin. Indeed, some users have reported seeing improvementscystic acne precisely thanks to its properties Glow Drink by TikTok.

Thanks to the deep connection between intestine and skin: an altered intestinal microflora, in fact, can be one of the causes of skin problems such as acne and psoriasis and, precisely for this reason, improving gut health can reduce inflammation in the body and, therefore, the skin. So why not do it by following the recipe more closely green of TikTok?

Glow drink: what it is and how much to drink

A nutrient concentrate that works abdominal swelling and to the brightness of the skin, even if it is prone to acne. For this reason, the Glowing drink should be taken every day, preferably with breakfast or as a morning snack. The goal, in fact, is to make sure you drink a glass green juice daily, to obtain a global action, not only in the body, but also in the mood and habits energy levels. Adjust the combination of ingredients, perhaps by adding green powder, pre and probioticsit may also prove to be the right solution to boost the immune system.

TikTok green juice ingredients and recipe

Although the online recipes differ in some details, the protagonists of the Glow Drink are always the same: green apple, celery, cabbage, cucumber, lemon and ginger, often accompanied by supplements or proteins, to enhance the effect of the beneficial mixture. To make the perfect Glow Drink, simply mix the ingredients in a blender, diluting with water if needed. At this point, simply strain the juice to remove any remaining pieces that are too large, then store in the refrigerator. If the goal is to brew the Glow Drink in large quantities, try dividing the drink into an ice tray and freezing it: this way, you can store it much longer.

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