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THEmagic of light that gives softness and life to the hair, this is the latest trend in hair care

We could define it in every way as one of the longest-lasting and most varied beauty trends.
The “frosted” effect has come a long way in recent months: Hailey Bieber launched it with her “glazed skin”, which went from skin to hands in no time, with the manicure, colored nails and with a shiny finish.
For the summer? The trend moves to the hair, with soft and shiny hair that seems to mimic the light of the sun’s rays.

Glazed hair: bye bye matte hair

If you’ve always struggled with dull, frizzy hair, know that there is finally a solution!
Hair treatments such as gloss and recent hairspray are great for giving hair an extra boost of hydration, color and well-being. These professional services can be improved the look, feel and texture of your hair already after a single appointment at your salon, giving shine and color to your hair.

Hairspray or hairspray? Here are the differences

On the surface it may appear that they have the same treatment but with a different name, but in reality, they are very different from each other.

Provided “Hair gloss“By experts we mean a semi-permanent coloring technique that is performed only and exclusively in the salon. It is mainly used to correct an unsuccessful color or to refresh the color.

The hair colorist uses a mixture based on pigments and ammonia to stimulate the hair and make them brighter. These substances are necessary to help the formula penetrate through the hair cuticles and give the shiny effect to your hair.

Hair polished iInstead, it is a real top coat for your hair and works without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.
After wetting the hair, the treatment is applied all over the hair and left. Staying for a medium/long period on wet hair adds treatment Hydration and shine enhancement, while at the same time reducing frizz.

When the hair has finished absorbing the product, rinse it out for immediate visible results. Clear light and softness! Not only will your hair be healthier, but the treatment will enhance your natural color

How long does the effect last?

Being an extremely thin formula, glazing treatments cannot penetrate the hair shaft and therefore have a limited duration. They usually last one to two weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair.

A trend suitable for all hair types

The frosted effect gives the hair a healthy and shiny look. Hair will look shinier and full of life. One of the best things about this new trend is that It can be adapted to any type of hair: from curly to straight, from short to long. Maintaining this look does not require special care or complicated treatments. Just follow a regular routine to adequately moisturize your hair and avoid frequent use of straighteners or high-heat hair dryers.

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