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THE The shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of is a routine away. Or at least that’s what TikTok says.

After Glass Skin, Glass Hair could not fail to arrive, i.e. the shiny and shiny hair that until now you only saw in your dreams (and obviously on TikTok).

The Glass Hair trend comes straight from Asia – China if we want to be more precise – and it went viral because with that hair routine where hair masks and oils are mixed, an amazing mirror effect is achieved.

So let’s see together what this new hair routine is that we can no longer do without(?).

The TikTok glass hair routine

According to the Chinese social network where the glass hair trend went viral even before it landed on TikTok, the must-have product is the Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Penetrating Essence hair mask, two teaspoons in size. In Italy Shiseido does not sell hair care products (the brand is Japanese and the products are for Asian hair), but you can find them on numerous online shopping sites.

Next, the Chinese creator suggests adding a spoonful of baby oil (or hair oil) and mixing well until smooth. In the original video the mask is applied to dry hair, while in the TikTok one the hair is washed first. The suggestion we can give you is that if you have fine hair, it’s better to apply the mask on dry hair, because if you do it as the last step of the routine you risk ending up with heavy hair and a horrible feeling on your head. , because the mixture is really thick and works on thick hair, but not on thin.

The mask should be spread through the lengths to the ends, carefully avoiding the roots, and then let it rest for 30 minutes. Once this time has passed, it’s time to wash your hair, perhaps with a scalp scrub followed by regular shampoo and conditioner.

Chris Appleton’s secret to having glassy hair

Kim Kardashian’s hairdresser, on the other hand, instead of a routine, recommends a product that is able to “transform dry and dehydrated hair into bouncy hair, with a shiny and mirror effect.” The product in question is the Color Wow Extra Stregth Dream Coat, perfect for curly hair, able to hydrate and even retexturize hair, making it waterproof for up to 3 washes.

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