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“How are babies born?” Tips for responding to little ones

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

Sooner or later all parents hear themselves asking the fateful question: “Mom, Dad: how are children born?”. It’s a question that can cause difficulty and some embarrassment for adults, but which, if approached correctly, can help children better understand their sexuality and their bodies.

Pink for females and blue for males? Interview with Matteo Bussola

Anna Rita Longocommunication scientist

Two children are sitting at the table playing with tempera paints

Blue for boys, pink for girls: matching different colors based on gender is a very deep-rooted habit, but what is its history? What impact do stereotypes have on the lives of girls and boys and how can we get rid of them? Author and cartoonist Matteo Bussola reflects on these issues in his latest book, Viola e il blu

Sex education at home and at school

Anna Oliverio Ferrarispsychologist and psychotherapist

Children kiss each other

Today’s children are surrounded by erotic images, which appear everywhere (films, trailers, commercials, TV shows, on billboards on the side of the road…). Is it a good idea for these images to “educate” our children, or is it the responsibility of adults to provide explanations and assessments that help them navigate such a multifaceted and complex field?

Masturbation in children: let’s talk about it

Elena Ravazoloeducator

Braided legs of a little girl

Self-eroticism makes adults feel uncomfortable and they often don’t know how to approach this topic. In fact, it is a normal stage in the development of every human being

Infant masturbation: a pleasure that does no harm

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

Bare legs of a lying child, depicting infantile masturbation

Children discover quite early the pleasure that genitals can offer. It is part of the normal process of self-awareness, child masturbation should not be banned and demonized

Sex education: what does it mean?

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

The sexuality represented in the statue of Love and Psyche

Discussing sexuality with children often gets adults into trouble. Psychoanalyst Paolo Roccato explains to us why it is important to overcome embarrassments and fears and to educate our children immediately in a peaceful relationship with sexuality

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