Full Moon November 2023: when and how to admire it

Eyes in the sky, there November full moon is about to arrive.

It is said Beaver Moon and will be held on November 27 from 10:16 am. Here’s what you need to know to admire it.

Full Moon November 2023: when and how to admire it

Full moon in November

Why is it called the Beaver’s moon?? The name was given by the Native Americans and refers to the time of year when they went hunting for beavers: the month of November was particularly favorable.

November’s full moon is associated with the transition from the autumn seasons to the winter season. It is actually one of the last full moons of the season.

The Castor Full Moon, the last before the arrival of the winter solstice, will occur on 27 November 2023 at 10.16am. but will be clearly visible after sunset (starting at 4.40pm).

The tip to admire it, in the absence of clouds, is to position yourself away from the lights to enjoy the show. The last full moon of the year will occur on December 17, 2023.

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