Fringe and fluffy hair: Elodie’s retro look

eatCurtain and layered cut: Elodie gives us the perfect hairstyle for this season.

Fringe and fluffy hair: Elodie on Instagram gives us a perfect look to face fall. The singer recently released her new single titled A fari extinguished and for the occasion she decided to change her hairstyle. The new haircut chosen by the diva is a layered one with a vintage flavor and super sleek both vertically and horizontally to give volume and a bold look.

Elodie’s cut is a long bob, which is a medium length cut, with particularly thin edges and voluminous roots. To give an extra touch to the fringe, long and fashionable, very trendy. The hairstyle chosen by the singer is fabulous and worth experimenting with during the fall season to welcome summer with the right energy. The cut is lively, very light and perfect for enhancing Elodie’s dark and natural color.

Who is this haircut good for? Definitely not suitable for those with curly or very curly hair. This is because it would require a lot of styling, eliminating the voluminous effect and taking away the definition. Instead, there is plenty of room for split ends: exfoliation and hair removal could actually prove to be the perfect option to give the right dynamism.

How to manage such a cut? Leave it natural, just mix it with your hands and upside down. The secret is to focus on the right ones textured products, ideal for highlighting hair and making it super cool. The element that makes the difference is undoubtedly the curtain fringe: a beauty trend that never goes out of style. Inherited from Brigitte Bardot and 70s cool, this curtain fringe is ultra-feminine and perfect for enhancing facial features.

With a chic appeal, it pairs flawlessly with short hair, long bobs like Elodie’s and updos. Worn open in the center or moved to the side. To get it, just create a light layering: this way the fringe will gradually open, staying long on the sides. The beauty of curtain bangs is that they suit any face shape, harmonizing features to the max and enhancing straight hair, just like the pop star’s.

Combined with the mid cut, the curtain fringe enhances the look, giving extra volume and unparalleled glamour. The extra secret to making this hairstyle great? Focus on the liquid effect like Elodie, easily achieved with the right products.

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