Francesca Ferragni Wedding: All the beauty looks

THEde to brightness, the beauty looks of Francesca Ferragni and her bridesmaids won over everyone in the name of subtle and timeless sophistication

Brightness, freshness, effect shiny delicate and super chic, these are the main points of the beauty looks with which Francesca Ferragni and her bridesmaids enchanted Rivalta Castle. The wedding of the second of the Ferragni sisters went viral on the internet and graced the covers of trade magazines not only for the gorgeous Atelier Emé dresses, but also for the ultra-sophisticated makeup and hair styling (designed by ghd).

Bright and fresh: Latte make-up conquers everyone

Key word; Radiation. That seems to be the style code behind the creation of six super viral beauty looks (of Francesca, her four bridesmaids and her wedding witnesses). Let’s start with the bride, who highlighted an absolute trend for next season. Let’s talk about makeup with milk.

A combination of highlightercream bronzer and its shades warm eyeshadows with earthy colors that highlight the complexion, gently enhancing volumes and giving a fresh, rested look and bright, without exaggeration. Natural and at the same time very sophisticated, this trend won over both the witnesses and the bridesmaids, especially Chiara and Valentina. Excited and moved by the arrival of the bride, the two sisters showed that the make-up was definitely on waterproof. In fact, despite the emotion, it remained intact and flash!

The evening counterpart was bold and sexy makeup enriched with stronger details and influential. Starting with the bride who kept the natural and radiant finish of the original makeup, accentuating it with strategic highlights and stronger eyeliner line. And what about Kiara and Valentina?

The youngest of the Ferragni sisters kept her make-up unchanged, also playing with a simple but very elegant look cat’s eyes. Chiara, on the other hand, went more daring, drawing on the mysterious and seductive allure of the dress she wore for the after party and drawing inspiration from the latter for her make-up. Red lipstick and strong eyeliner line were the hallmarks of her magnetic makeup, a tribute to the divas of old Hollywood by one of the undisputed divas of our time.

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