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Twe tell you about the niche perfumes that have gone viral thanks to #perfumetok

It’s been a few years since the social media population discovered their world specialized perfumesthat have exploded and are experiencing the height of their fame thanks to the now famous hashtag #perfumetok.

THE specialized perfumes they are those perfumes created for a small number (niche) of enthusiasts and not for the general public. These perfumes see the light in the hands of adults noses that create special perfumes that carry a unique and recognizable olfactory signature, a group of hand-crafted extracts and spirits, the maximum expression artistic perfumery.

For a long time, the names of the maisons, especially the independent ones, that produce specialized perfumes remained unknown to the general public and because, unlike mainstream perfumes, handcrafted perfumes are not created to satisfy the tastes of the masses.

However, in a post-pandemic moment, interest in this elite has begun to grow exponentially, no doubt thanks to #perfumetokthat ushered in GenZ and not just a few niche fragrances that inevitably went viral.

The most viral niche perfumes on social media

NPD Group research showed how 64% of fragrance purchases in a perfumery (where 74% of fragrances that can be tried directly are purchased) are driven by social networks such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Why did they happen? viral? According to what the creators say, it’s the fragrances that not only attract attention, but also what it looks like many compliments. On the one hand it is remarkable that the doors of this wonderful world have been opened wide, a little less is how these perfumes are described, that is, predatory and seductive.

Of course, it’s a pleasure when people compliment us on the perfume we wear, but the choice of perfume is a personal matter and should be made based on how we feel. us a fragrance, rather than based on the trail it leaves or how much it is I like.

Let’s just say that these are a great starting point, for those interested in exploring this vast world of niche fragrances, which we assure you are truly many and wonderful.

That said, here are the reveals most viral niche perfumesthat is, the ones that are mentioned the most and on which everyone agrees.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

Despite the price that cannot be defined as affordable, the most viral perfumes cannot miss Baccarat Rouge, a warm and ambient jus with notes of flowers, amber and woody notes, entirely molecular. The airy aspects of jasmine and the glow of saffron convey the mineral notes of ambergris and the woody tones of freshly cut cedar.

Parfums de Marly Delina

Litchee, bergamot, rose, vanilla, musk and incense are the most noticeable notes of this very viral fragrance. A warm, sweet and sensual fragrance.

By Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy

Rihanna’s favorite fragrance before her Fenty Eau de Parfum was released. A sweet and floral scent with hints of vanilla and caramel. A must have for lovers of gourmet perfumes.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry

An aromatic and exciting fragrance. Juicy and liquorice notes of ripe black cherry meet those of bitter almond, evolving into a sweet and sour symphony of black cherry syrup mixed with a symphony of Turkish rose and Arabian jasmine. Creamy sandalwood, cedar and vetiver are the unexpected notes that make this fragrance even more special and unforgettable.

Vilhelm Perfumerie

A sunny and happy fragrance, reminiscent of summer and all that this season entails, such as carefree games, flirting, love, the warmth of the sun and happiness. Its notes are juicy and just one bite is enough to feel an explosion of blackberry, mango and black pepper. The most complex aspects are due to a cocktail of wild iris, black lotus and jasmine that leaves behind patchouli, vanilla and a hint of pink sugar.

Narciso Rodriguez for her

Kayali Vanilla 28

Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 62

Cloud Ariana Grande

Eilish by Billie Eilish

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