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doHow will we cut our hair this fall/winter? Is the bob still trendy? And what happened to the mullet and the wolf cut?

The fall winter hair trends they are once again an invitation to experiment with cuts and colors, which are increasingly combined so that one brings out every shade of the other.

But what’s new in hair this fall? Have the mullet and wolf cut that was so popular last season stayed on top of the wave or been replaced? But the question most of us keep asking ourselves is always the same. Will the bob – in all its forms – still be trendy this fall? And do we want to talk about margin? A must or a flop?

We will learn together.

Short haircuts

The haircuts of 2023 have some really interesting suggestions for short hair, chic and dynamic, but always daring.

The bowl cut

Erase every image of a punishing bowl from your mind. The bowl cut has a 60s-inspired, rounded shape and an XXL fringe or tuft, which is lightened by layering and untwisting.

How do you wear the bowl cut? With the hair in the front for a messy effect or all the hair in the back creating twists.

fall 2023 hair color

Cutting the conflict

The clash cut is a deconstructed haircut with a slightly dandy feel that is very thin on the sides and nape of the neck and full on the rest of the hair: perfect for wearing in a full rockabilly style.

Pithy Cut

Medium haircuts 2023

This news will make many breathe a sigh of relief, because the long bob is confirmed as the trendy haircut for fall 2023.

The long barbell

fall 2023 hair color
fall 2023 hair color

The curly bob

Medium short haircuts

Medium length layered cut

The margin

Will we be sporting bangs this fall? If you want to experiment, this is the perfect time. Whether it’s a short fringe or a full fringe, curtain, messy or parade, you just have to name it to find the cut that suits you.

fall 2023 hair color
fall 2023 hair color
fall 2023 hair color
fall 2023 hair color

Long hair autumn

For those who don’t want to give up long hair or even long XXL hair, autumn hair trends suggest soft layers for long hair, which gain volume and three-dimensionality, while XXL lengths see full and perfect tips.

Long, layered hair

Jellyfish cut 2.0

XXL haircuts

Fall hair color 2023

Curly haircut

Fall hair color 2023
Fall hair color 2023

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