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AND If you think we’re only going to talk about foundation, you’re wrong. Let’s discover together this particular kind of app that has been essential in Korea for years.

When it comes to pillow the first thing that comes to mind is the foundation. We can’t blame you, because it’s actually the beauty product that in recent years has come to be appreciated by us too, but actually in Korea it’s been a must for a long time.

Well, yes, once again it was the Koreans who designed and invented something great for our skin and we are more than happy to give them all the credit. If you are already an expert in pillow and you had the opportunity to appreciate its benefits in the past, you will hardly be able to give it up, but if you are still simple or a beginner and want to know the product better before trying it, here we have some answers that could be useful to you in future.

Pillow translation: what is it?

Let’s start from the basics. If you asked Google, it probably translated the word literally as pillow (pillow it is usually the one for furniture, while it is for sleeping pillow) indicating a product-soaked sponge dispenser – most often a base, but there are also blush and spf – which is taken with an applicator to dab on the face. Sometimes the pad is visible, while in others it is protected by a perforated element which by applying light pressure yields the necessary amount to be applied.

Makeup cushion

Why the pillow Do Koreans really like it? Because it’s simple to apply, re-apply and above all it creates a flawless complexion which, as you already know, is a real must for Asians. And when we talk about flawless foundations, obviously the first thing that comes to mind is the foundationbut it is not the only category of beauty and makeup that has developed in the form of cushions.

If FYP has targeted you, chances are you’ve seen some adorable blush cushions, perhaps the ones with the heart-shaped mold from Kaja, also Korean. But let’s be clear, even if these beauty and makeup trends originating in Korea, blushes and pads can also be found among Western brands and often in a different form.

If we say the word stick, wand, does this sound familiar? Probably yes, from Charlotte Tilbury to Deborah and Kiko, we can find many brands that have developed the idea of ​​the cushion in alternative forms, see the famous squeeze tubes with sponge tips that dispense products for contouring, blush and highlighters.

Pillow: how to use it

The pillow foundation it has a medium-to-high buildable consistency, but the secret to making this formula work is in the application, which should be done by pressing, not swiping, the sponge. Once the sponge is smeared with foundation, you begin to gently tap from the center outwards, perhaps focusing on the areas that require more coverage and remaining light outwards, or if you want a perfectly even base, tap a few times. always from the inside out.

As for the blush, however, the classic cushion blends perfectly with the skin, while for the tube you can use the tip of the dispenser if you can accurately dose the amount of product needed, otherwise it’s better to use a blender.

Cushion with SPF

Many cushion foundations already contain an SPF that varies by brand, but there are also actual SPFs in cushion form. In this case, if you are looking for the sunscreen pillow you can only rely on Korean brands that you can find on Amazon or other exclusive sites, and in perfumery there is Dear Dahlia, another brand of Korean origin.

Alternatively, if you like the idea of ​​the pillow for the clean way of application (you don’t need hands that don’t always have a fresh wash), you can recycle the whole package (even if the pillow shapes are usually refillable). Here’s how to do it. Separate the foundation-soaked sponge and wash it thoroughly with a facial cleanser and do the same with the applicator, making sure both are completely free of residue. Clean the container well too, because you’ll be pouring your sunscreen on the bottom and once it’s dry, you’ll replace the sponge, which this time will dispense spf instead of foundation.

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