Elisa Maino’s beauty look at the Barbie premiere is super girly

TOAt the premiere of Barbie, Elisa Maino shines in absolutely gorgeous shocking pink makeup

Super girly and pink: this is the sporty beauty look Eliza Maino on the occasion of the premiere of Barbie. The Instagram influencer and star decided to pay tribute to the most famous and beloved doll in the world by choosing a very special makeup.

In fact, on the red carpet Elisa chose to show makeup in pink tones, focusing above all on her eyes. The secret? ONE Glittery and shimmery pink eye shadow, eyeliner and lots of mascara to highlight the eyes. To complete the makeup, Maino opted for well-defined brows, a glowing base, but above all glossy lips.

Barbiecore on the other hand is a trend hitting all over social media. The inspiration comes – needless to say – from the famous action doll played on the big screen by Margot Robbie. The dominant color? Obviously Barbie pink!

A color that suits everyone and can be adapted to the complexion and tone by choosing a darker or lighter shade. The beauty of this color is that it is extremely versatile. In fact, it can be used to give a super pop touch to lips and eyes or as a blush to brighten up the complexion. In this case, mascara and eyeliner are fundamental, while for eyebrows the microblading effect is the best.

Barbiecore fashion is also perfect for those who are not particularly fond of fuchsia and would prefer more subtle shades. Old pink, for example, enhances pale skin, while those with olive skin should try bright pink, the secret to making your tan stand out even more.

Makeup by Elisa Maino

In addition, pink is the ideal shade for everyday and evening looks. Pink eye shadow, mascara and glossy lipstick are ideal for facing the red carpet, as Elisa Maino teaches us, while for everyday makeup you can choose a bright red lipstick, better if it is shiny. Another winning idea is to use eye shadows in shades of gold and green, as opposed to rosy cheeks. Among the most interesting trends associated with Barbie is that of giving a touch of pink to the tips of the eyelashes: the secret to open up the look and celebrate the very famous doll. Finally, don’t forget the nail polish which is great to complete any beauty look. Choose fuchsia or shocking pinkstrict glass or gel effects with amazing volume texture.

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