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Raising a child also means educating them, helping them learn the rules of life necessary to live harmoniously with others in the communities we live in, and most importantly, helping them become independent adults. In addition to these aspects, in this category we also talk about kindergarten and school.

Learn multiplication tables, methods and games to teach kids

Margherita VitaliMontessori teacher

The traditional method of teaching multiplication tables involves the child repeating them by rote an indeterminate number of times. But this type of method requires considerable dedication and effort on the part of the child and often leads to mediocre results. This is why, over the years, other teaching techniques have been developed

Nesting, when and how best to do it?

Julia Chiariperinatal psychologist, IBCLC

happy children after entering kindergarten

To allow the child to settle peacefully in kindergarten, it is not necessary to follow predetermined patterns or times. Instead, listening, flexibility and building a relationship between the child, teachers and family based on trust and acceptance of everyone’s feelings is fundamental.

Back to school after the pandemic, the return of teenagers

Ludovico Artprincipal

the teenager returns to school

We will all unconsciously maintain an instinctive apprehension in approaching others, giving a kiss or a hug, thus risking becoming rare gestures. A humanly terrible event, on which we will need to work to rebuild the meaning of our existence as humans, the ability to remain a community

Babies and children in the mountains: from what age, altitude and precautions

Alberto Ferradopediatrician

little girl in the mountains climbs the path with her mother

As altitude increases, barometric pressure and oxygen pressure progressively decrease, a change that requires very demanding adaptations from the body, especially for children and newborns. That’s why it’s important to take some precautions when you decide to take a trip to the mountains with the little ones

“How are babies born?” Tips for responding to little ones

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

Pregnant mother explains how babies are born to her daughter

Sooner or later all parents hear themselves asking the fateful question: “Mom, Dad: how are children born?”. It’s a question that can cause difficulty and some embarrassment for adults, but which, if approached correctly, can help children better understand their sexuality and their bodies.

Sports for children, how to make the best choice?

Michele Torellapediatrician

the children play sports with the teacher

The child who regularly does physical activity, whether recreational or sports, will reduce the daily hours of sedentary activity and become familiar with a series of movements and actions that will allow him to know and use his body better.

The war in the corner: protecting boys and girls

Stefano Zolettoteacher and counselor

child is afraid of the war on the sofa

School and daycare must remain safe places for all children and adults have a duty to ensure that there are opportunities for children to be together and play. All this means preventing any form of discrimination, even temporary ones

What is psychomobility for children and what is it for?

Leather KarrasiTNPEE

the child plays during the psychomotor session

The intertwining of psychomotor aspects is particularly evident in the first 10 years of children’s lives, a time when body development is a fundamental part of the maturation process and motor skills are the most direct way in which children express themselves and relate.

Individualized teaching plan: when is it applied?

Marcella Peronipsychologist and psychotherapist And Francesca CiceriPsychologist

children's studies following the individualized teaching program

PDP in the school is necessary when the characteristics of the students are such that they require a different route. It is a document that contains both the identification of the student’s characteristics and the methods to be adopted

BES: what is Special Educational Needs

Leather KarrasiTNPEE

The little girl with the bes is interrogated on the board

By the term BES we refer to a condition, continuous or transient, that hinders the student’s learning and that requires sufficient attention from the school environment in order to be able to succeed in his studies.

How to create a Montessori room? The rules

Margherita VitaliMontessori teacher

little girl playing in her montessori room

Maria Montessori emphasized several times the importance of creating an environment suitable for both the physical and intellectual development needs of the little ones. Its principles can also be applied to children’s bedrooms, thus creating a stimulating space suitable for children’s development

Aggressive children: how to manage violent behavior

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

Two aggressive kids challenging each other during a soccer match

Parents and teachers are often put off by children’s violent behavior. But these attitudes hide deep needs that must be understood and welcomed, helping children to express them more appropriately

“How long is forever?”: children’s philosophical questions

Silvia Demozzieducator

Close-up of little girl looking up thoughtfully, leaning on forearms

Listening to children’s questions, stopping to talk about it with them, and accompanying them in their search for possible meanings is a philosophical practice that also enriches adults, allowing them to observe the world with different eyes.

Children’s tantrums: how to manage and cope with them

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

Mom comforts her child during a tantrum

Although tantrums are completely normal as a child grows, we can still work on “prevention” and thus reduce their number. To do this, it is best to follow the “3 Cs” method.

It will premiere in September!

Marina Pavesieducator and psychiatrist

little girl from behind with a backpack on her shoulders who is about to start first grade in September

Entering first grade is an important time for all children. During the wait, there is no need to worry about specific “prerequisites”. Instead, it is good to promote movement and the development of emotional control

“Can we have a dog?”

Elena Ravazoloeducator

A child happily hugs his dog

Getting a dog is the desire of many children. Parents sometimes hesitate, fearing the workload and responsibility involved. However, with adequate preparation of the whole family, the benefits will be significant

Tales from around the world to educate conscious parents

Antonella Bastoneeducator

Little girl reading a fairy tale together with one of her parents, her mother

What does it mean to be a parent? It’s a question that has crossed ages and cultures, and an answer can also be found in fairy tales: usually considered narratives suitable for children’s entertainment, they are in fact valuable tools for reflecting on the meaning of motherhood and fatherhood.

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